New York City – the society

11 07 2007

I’ve heard it said that people in New York City are mean.  But as with many stereotypes, there’s usually a degree of truth to it combined with generalization.  Most of the people I talked to during my week there weren’t mean.  A few were somewhat harsh, but it seemed to be part of how they did their job (which included dealing with a lot of people).  But most of the people that I actually had a conversation with were friendly.

The people in New York City seemed to not be as outgoing and friendly as they are in the South, but I think that’s partly because the atmosphere up there seems more hurried and rushed.  There are places to be, subways to catch, long distances to travel by foot, etc.  It’s a faster-paced lifestyle.  Another reason why people might seem less outwardly friendly is because there are millions of strangers, and I suppose that could give the impression that it’s not as safe.

I do know of examples where the general attitude of New Yorkers seems harsher, and that’s when it comes to sports.  The sportswriters for the Mets and Yankees are both very demanding and critical.  They are known for this mentality, and some players have difficulty handling the added pressure of playing in New York.  I wonder how they developed that reputation and why they continue it…

The level of morality is lower there, as evidenced by the way people dress and the billboards around town.  It’s not a conservative area.  In fact, we saw some really disturbing things.  There was a gay and lesbian parade, which lasted for hours.  There were guys dressed up like Marilyn Monroe and Madonna, and that was really gross.  (While speaking against this, let me add something : I don’t hate anyone for their choices — they have the freedom to do what they want.  However, such a lifestyle is a sin against God, and they will have to stand before Him and give an account of their choices.)  What bothered me most about the parade was that there were several churches with floats in the parade supporting that lifestyle.

Overall, I enjoyed my vacation in New York City, but I wouldn’t want to live there.  I prefer the more relaxed atmosphere of the South, where people aren’t in such a hurry and there’s more of an influence of the Church.  (Although we still need a revival, too.)  I’ll write about more of my experiences there over the next few days.




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