New York City – getting around town

12 07 2007

There is a major shortage of parking in New York City, because much of the city is on islands and thus there’s not a lot of land to expand to.  So the buildings get taller and there isn’t much room left for parking.  So most people rely on public transportation and walking to get where they’re going.  To rent a parking spot in the business areas, the average cost is $477 per month.  Some of the public parking lots have a lift so they can have two stories of parking on a one-story lot.

After we got back, someone sent me an article about the parking situation in New York City, and it said that some people are paying $225,000 to buy their own private parking space in the basement of a new condo development in Manhattan.  (That’s not a typo on the dollar amount.)  Some people without cars buy these spaces as investments, to rent them out.  There are even waiting lists for these spots.  The reason for this is because the amount of parking in the business areas is actually decreasing.  Some new parking lots are being built, but more are torn down for new buildings.

Most people there do a lot of walking.  While there, we walked probably five to eight miles per day, going to see a lot of the tourist stuff.  And I’m definitely not used to that much walking.  I didn’t mind it so much when the temperature was cool, but a few days it was hot and humid, so walking isn’t so much fun.  We also got to walk through a thunderstorm.  I don’t imagine it would be too much fun in the winter, either.

We rode the subway a couple of times, which was my first time to ever do that.  It wasn’t bad, and it was a quick way to get across the island, but I wouldn’t want to ride it at night because some of the entrances are kinda creepy.

We also took a taxi a few times, when we had to go a long ways.  In some areas, about half the cars are taxis and buses, and they rule the road.  Several times we saw pedestrians almost get hit by a vehicle.  I don’t see how there’s not a lot more wrecks there, because they drive very aggressively.  I suppose they’re used to it, though.

We saw quite a few bicycle “cabs”, where a guy on a bicycle had a trailer attached on the back that would seat two or three people.  When traffic was really congested, this was about as quick as a cab.  And it’s much more friendly to the environment.

I like the idea of walking more around town, but I really like having my own vehicle when the weather is too hot or cold or rainy.  I also prefer driving myself where I want to go, where I can listen to what I want to, instead of being on public transportation.  Now I’m less likely to complain about having to park “far away” from Walmart or my workplace, which offer free parking.  I’m also thankful that the traffic here isn’t nearly that congested.  Sometimes we don’t realize how good we have it…




2 responses

13 07 2007

Yeesh… What about the good things of NYC? Are there any? (I haven’t been there myself). Seems like both posts so far have been more about the negative aspects of the trip…

I’ve always wanted to take a vacation there, but now I’m not so sure!

13 07 2007

I’ll get to the good things. It was a neat place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

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