New York City – Broadway shows

25 07 2007

While in New York, we went to see a couple of shows.  First we saw , which is an off-Broadway show.  It was incredible!  The “actors” take various household items and make music with them — brooms, trash cans, matchboxes, boots, etc.  They also dance, and the presentation was humorous, too.  I’d like to see that show again if I get the chance.  They were extremely talented.  They had to be in great shape, and they definitely had a sense of rhythm to work together like they did.  Everyone had a little part to play, and working together they created some very enjoyable music.  (FYI, there’s some video clips on the website, but they really don’t do the show justice at all.)

We also saw a Broadway show called The Color Purple.  Oprah Winfrey presented it (though not in person), and it starred Fantasia from American Idol fame.  It featured jazz, ragtime, gospel, and blues music.  The live music was done very well, and everyone could sing great.  The sets were well-done, also, and the presentation was really well-done.  However, I wish it would’ve had a rating, because I didn’t care for some of the language and the content.  I realize the story is tough, so there will be some difficult topics covered, but they didn’t have to be done in a trashy way.  It should’ve been rated PG-13, so people would know that it’s not too clean.  Maybe if I had seen the movie I would’ve known better.  Anyway, it was a neat experience in some ways, but I wish we had seen a different show because of the content.




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