New York City – baseball

10 08 2007

While in New York City, I didn’t get to go to a baseball game, which was disappointing.  We ended up having two bonus days there because of a lot of flight delays and cancellations on the day we were supposed to leave.  On one of the extra days, the Yankees had a home game, so I looked online to get tickets.  The only tickets I could find were behind home plate, row F.  Sounds good, right?  I did this a few years ago in San Diego, CA, and seats like that were $45.  But for the Yankees, those seats were $280 each.  So we decided not to go.  (I can see how the Yankees can afford to have a $200 million payroll.)

I tried on two different days to get tickets for a tour of Yankee Stadium, but it didn’t work out either day.  Apparently they allow only 50 people to tour it each day, and there’s a lot of visitors to New York City at all times.

I went in a Yankees official store while looking for the tour tickets, so I asked one of the workers there if he thought the Yankees could come back and catch the Red Sox this year.  To my surprise, he had doubts.  He acknowledged they have a lot of talented players, but said they seem to not have the desire to win.  In years past, Yankees fans usually expected the team to win, and I think the players used to have that mentality.  But it’s different this year — the Yankees were below .500 at that time, over 10 games behind the Red Sox.  I decided not to rub it in his face that I’m a Red Sox fan.  Perhaps I should’ve, since I may not get that kind of opportunity again, but I was too nice, I guess…

One day when I was there, I wore my Red Sox T-shirt.  I wondered what kind of reactions I would get.  Fortunately I didn’t get beat up.  🙂  A few people did make comments to me, though.  There was one security guard who said he hated the Yankees, that he was a Red Sox fan.  I didn’t expect to find a Red Sox fan there, especially one living there!  Another security guard acted like he was going to hold me back, then pointed at my shirt and waived his finger like I was in trouble.  Nobody else said anything, but surely some others thought something.  Too bad I wasn’t wearing it when I went into the Yankees store.  🙂

So I went to New York City and didn’t get to see a game…  But because of other circumstances, I didn’t get to pick the dates we were going, so it was out of my control.  And we weren’t about to pay $560+ to go to a Yankees game.  Being a Red Sox and Braves fan, I can’t support the Yankees or Mets too much.  🙂  Plus that’s just a lot of money to spend on 4 hours of entertainment.




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