New York City – shopping

12 08 2007

I thought I was finished with my series on my vacation to New York City, but someone mentioned shopping, and I haven’t written anything about that.  I may not be the best to ask about this, but I will offer a few observations.

The most popular store there is Macy’s, and it’s the world’s largest department store, with 2,150,000 square feet of selling floor.  It has 10 floors, and it is huge.  I walked around the store while my wife and her sister perused the huge selection of purses and shoes (among other things).  There were literally thousands of purses there.  I found some neat stuff in other areas of the store, like a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream store.  There’s also a jungle-themed McDonald’s on the kids’ floor.  There’s several restaurants in Macy’s — it’s like they expect you to spend the whole day there shopping.

On a previous visit to NYC for work, I walked into a few stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and some of the other high-dollar stores.  It was what I expected — clothes that didn’t look much different from other places except for the price tag.  There’s no way I’m paying $150 for a plain white button-up shirt.  But to each their own…

Toys_R_Us_SupermanI went into Midtown Comics, to look for a particular comic series I wanted, and I was surprised at how many comics there are.  It was amazing. And I did find what I was looking for : Transformers: The War Within, series 2.  It’s the story of Cybertron before the cartoons and movie, when the civil war there was just starting.  I know some people think comics are only for kids, but these are “deep” and very well-written.  But I digress…

I visited the Toys “R” Us store on Times Square, and it was huge.  It had a Ferris wheel inside — it looked like a full-size one — and each car was a vehicle from a different cartoon series.  There was a model of a life-size Superman holding up a big truck, and there was a Jurassic Park T-Rex robot that moved and roared, which scared or amazed little childrens.  (Click on the pictures for a larger image.  You can also see some life-size G.I. Joe figures hanging from parachutes in the background.)Toys_R_Us_T-Rex

I went in one of the Virgin Records Megastores, and it was huge.  It even had a gaming area, which featured only Xbox 360s.  (What, no PS3s?  Well, I can understand that.  They’re overpriced and there’s not that many good games.  And having a Wii might be difficult because you don’t want people walking out with the controllers.)

One thing I had really wanted to do while in New York City was find a place that sold M&K speakers, so I could listen to them.  But apparently there isn’t one, which surprised me.  They’re not sold in central Arkansas, which doesn’t surprise me.  There’s a lack of high-end audio equipment available around here, for whatever reason.

I enjoyed the at Times Square.  They had a lot of varieties.  You can buy a 5-pound Hershey’s candy bar there.  And there were some varieties of chocolate that I hadn’t seen before.  Somehow we made it out of there without spending too much money.  (The website details the outside of the store, which was a sight to see.)

If you’re really interested in shopping, there were a lot more other stores there.  But that’s not one of the main reasons I went, so I’m not the one to talk about that.




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5 09 2007
Bobby Sweezy

Do they have a Starbucks there? I heard that they did. Let me know because I don’t want to go to NYC if there is no Starbucks coffee. We got one here in Unadilla, GA. Nice bathrooms. Wow those bathrooms at Starbucks are spick and span. That means clean.


Bobby Sweezy

7 09 2007
Coffee Expert

Don’t they use that strong, nasty coffee to clean the toilets? I hear that stuff will strip the varnish off antique furniture. 🙂

Visit for the best coffee anywhere! Try some of the Private Reserve if you like exotics or if you just like a good cup and don’t care where it’s from, try the Cafe Special, Between Roast or Dark Roast (if you like it stronger). All very good coffees.

7 09 2007

New York City has a LOT of Starbucks. Sometimes there’s one per block — I kid you not. I saw dozens of them from walking around Manhattan. There’s even one inside Macy’s.

So I guess when you’re traveling you look for a Starbucks when you need to go to the bathroom… I thought they were known for their coffee, but maybe their claim to fame is their restrooms. Who knew?

Perhaps Community Coffee should install some clean bathrooms in major cities and then they’ll be less obscure. 🙂

7 09 2007
Chris Davis

That’s how it was in San Francisco as well… a Starbucks on almost every corner. I believe I read somewhere how they don’t want their customers to have to stand in line…

Sorry Coffee Expert, Starbucks is it for me. 😀

14 09 2007

I’ll have coffee at the expert’s house over a Starbuck’s any day. I do prefer Community Coffee’s medium roast though. I’ve been labeled a coffee wimp on occassion…

I have been told it’s because I don’t know how to order when I go into a Starbuck’s. There have been lots of volunteers to take me and teach me, but so far no one has actually come through. 🙂

and from a female standpoint, fellas, if you’re going to serve coffee you’d better have clean restrooms!!! LOL!

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