not drowning my sorrows

29 08 2007

You may know that a major reason some people get drunk is so they can “drown their sorrows”, where they temporarily forget about their problems via the influence of alcohol.  But have you ever realized that there are other things people do to accomplish the same thing?  Some people put more time into their work rather than face the problems of life.  Some people get very involved in watching sports, while some may spend countless hours watching TV and movies, and others may turn to video games.  Some people may become consumed with a hobby or get caught up in other people’s lives (like with gossip or soap operas or “reality” shows) to avoid their own.  Some people try to find comfort in eating or shopping.  There’s many things that could be listed here.  (And I’m not saying these activities mean you’re covering up something, but it could be the case.)

Obviously the other methods aren’t quite as destructive as getting drunk, but they are still a problem if they are covering up a problem.  It’s not healthy to repress the issues that cause us stress and frustration and hurt.  Most issues won’t go away just because you don’t deal with them.  Many of them will become worse the longer you allow it to continue.  If you’re stressed with your marriage, you need to lovingly talk through the problems and frustrations, making lifestyle changes as necessary.  Refusing to deal with the issues usually causes them to grow and combine with other things to create even bigger problems.

But not all problems can be “fixed” by talking with another person.  Your job may require you to work with some people who really get on your nerves, but since you may not be able to change them, you have to change yourself.  Instead of holding on to the frustrations and hurts, you need to work through them, getting it off your chest, and forgiving them.  I know, that doesn’t seem fair sometimes, because they are the ones who did wrong, but you still need to forgive them.  God requires that, and it’s crucial for you to have peace.

Is it possible to live “carefree” without the influence of drugs or alcohol?  That might depend on how you define being carefree.  There will always be cares and concerns in life, and we all have responsibilities to account for, and there will be difficult situations sometimes.  But we don’t have to live in stress and anxiety and worry.  We don’t have to be burdened down with the cares of this life.  The solution is not to be irresponsible nor is it to push those things to the back burner.  The solution is dealing with the problems.  Only then can you be free of them.

I’ve mentioned some ways of dealing with the problems, and there are others, but the key aspect of this is surrendering them to God.  You’ll still have to make reconciliation with people sometimes, but you need to make peace with God.  You have to truly forgive people, which is more than just asking forgiveness from them or saying you’re sorry.  I know that’s not easy, but fortunately God helps us with that.  We just have to surrender control of our life to Him.  And remembering how much we’ve been forgiven really helps us to forgive others.

When you’ve dealt with all your issues and problems, and you’ve surrendered your life fully to God, there is so much peace that it is beyond description.  You can have God’s peace even during the tough times of your life.  But for some reason most people don’t live in this state, even though it’s possible.  I suspect it’s because it’s difficult to face your problems and work through them, because the hurts that were buried have to be brought to the surface for healing to happen.  But if you think about it, it’s actually more difficult to live with all the pain, hurts, frustrations, and stress than it is to face them and then live in peace.  Think about it…




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