how you can get a hoverboard

5 10 2007

Did you know you can build your own hoverboard?  It’s like a hovercraft but made for just one person.  It’s similar to what was featured in the movie Back to the Future 2, except this one has an engine and isn’t done with special effects.  They support riders over 200 pounds, and they’ll go over 20 mph.  It would be good for going to work (if it isn’t too far and the weather is good), because you could go on the side of the road and not be bound by streets.  You can build one for under $500, if you put it together yourself.  It would save you money on gasoline, and it would be really cool.  Follow this link for more details.

However, it does weigh 80 pounds, so carrying it around when you reach your destination is not ideal.  I suppose you could chain it to a bicycle rack or put some small wheels on the back so you could pull it behind you like luggage.




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3 12 2008

I dnt understood that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. im not stuppied

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