letting God wake you up during the night

9 10 2007

If God wanted to wake you up at 2:30 AM to speak with you, would you be open to that idea?  If you’re like most people, you don’t like being woke up and you want to get a certain amount of sleep.  It might be easy to tell God that that time just isn’t convenient, and why can’t He speak to you during the day.  But how hungry are we to hear from God?  Are you willing to give God permission to wake you up at any time?

I thought of this because I was reading some sermons / teachings by , and he said God often woke him up at 2:30 in the morning.  He asked God why that time but didn’t get an answer for a long time.  But he knew it was God who was waking him up so they could talk.  He also said he recommends that each night we give God permission to wake us up if He wants to.  (FYI, I don’t know much about him, and searching with Google didn’t reveal much, either.  But I did find a few more of his sermons.)

Back to my point, are you so hungry and desperate for God that you would welcome Him waking you up in the middle of the night?




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10 10 2007
L Cope


I recently had this experience and I am about to write an essay on it–this has been on my mind lately. I have written a few essays, but only consider myself a novice writer. My jaw dropped when I saw the title of your post.

here is a very breif version of my experience–there is a lot more to the story.

I am a protestant that attends the Catholic church. Recently the Priest(Pastor), whom I really liked, past away.

Before his passing, God woke me up around 2am in the morning and said, “There are those whose burdens are too heavy for them to carry alone, could you pray for one hour.” It was not an audible voice, but it was in my spirit from the Holy Spirit. Now I am a heavy sleeper, and I woke up and felt like I was awake for hours. I then prayed for the pastor for an hour and went back to sleep–I prayed hard for his healing.

I recently wondered why would God would wake me up to pray for his healing when he died not long after that. I thought “what was the point.” However, God, through the Holy Spirit, revealed to me that the fact that I cared and that I was willing to share a very small part of the burden was the more important than a physical healing. Love is the center of the Gospel, not the gifts we receive(healing etc).

Of course, God did not reveal why he heals some and not others. I guess that question will be answered some day.

I am going to check out Walter Buettler stuff.

L. Cope

10 10 2007
L Cope

sorry– I forgot some important info

The Pastor had cancer and it took several months before he died.

22 10 2007
Justin Jordan

I wish He would wake me up around 8:00am. I have been sleeping in way to long lately!

Seriously, I just found your blog, and I like this post. I’m going to tell Him tonight that He can wake me up ANYTIME! Who wouldn’t want to be woken up?

God Bless!


25 10 2007

Who wouldn’t want to be woken up? Probably the same people who aren’t interested in altar time at the end of church services.

Being on the praise team at my church, I sometimes notice when a lot of people leave right after a call to pray at the altar (even on a general purpose, get-to-know-God-more call). And some people pray for just a minute or two. They have their reasons, and it’s not my business why — that’s between them and God. However, I feel that we often miss some of what God wants to do because we’re in such a hurry to do other things. The restaurant can wait; visiting with friends after service can wait; etc. Why are we so busy that we don’t want to spend some time with God?

Anyway, I could get going on that (and I have in other posts). 🙂 May we allocate more time to spend in God’s presence…

2 11 2007
Awesome Purpose » Blog Archive » Five Loaves, and Two Fish

[…] I woke up at 5:00 a.m., and I felt like God was trying to tell me something. I was half asleep so I couldn’t really hear Him well. I started to fall back asleep, and then I remembered an entry on Beppo’s blog titled, “Letting God Wake You Up During the Night“. […]

10 11 2007

God woke me up at 4:30 the other day. I spent some time in prayer and realized he wants me to reach out to a lost and dying world especially my children. They were brought up in the church of Christ since they were born but I fell away when their dad died on May 5 1989 . I am back in the church as of 1999 with a husband who also goes to church. He and my kids are not close since they are older know and battling giving up drugs and my son being in and out of prison. My husband of all people should understand since he was drug addicted from 1985 to 1990. My daughter was diagnosed schizeffective since her brutal rape in 1995, she battled with the drug demons for many years and finally turned her life around. My son since 1995 to know but is finally turning his life around and struggles daily. If you have any articles or help with these please inform me. Anyways I know God wants me to reach them spiritually and I try hard. I was looking for something to show that life is only so long and worldly possesions but GOd is eternally and we all need to wake up. This world is so lax with Gay rights, parents being to permissive and keeping GOd and prayer out of the schools. So sad we are a nation suppose to be stablished under God. That is why the other countries have turmoil and death because they follow Baal, Buda or other GOds. When will they learn that is why and follow GOd.

9 05 2008
Tony Ross

I had the great privilege of sitting in some classes that Walter Buettler taught.. 2:30 AM was their time. Their time- catch that? No TV, No cell phones, no distractions – just Walter and the Lord. Heart to heart time. “What’s up Walter?” “You tell me. What’s up Father?” “Let me tell you Walter.” Then he would simply tell people what the Lord told him – if he was supposed to. You know we’re not to tell everything He tells.
Walter would say, “I’m not a preacher, I’m not a muscian, I have no tricks, I don’t try to make an impression. And He didn’t. I wrote a tribute to Walter that some web sites are using. It was the most amazing manisfestation of the Presence of God and His anointing and all Walter did was talk about his friend while sitting on a chair in frount of the adutorium.

13 05 2008

We’re called to be a witness of Jesus, to share our testimony of what Jesus has done for us. I suspect that sometimes we make it too complicated when witnessing or encouraging people. I think Walter Buettler’s example is excellent. When we hear from God and share it, that can really minister to people, because most of us go through the same kind of stuff.

I know it’s really encouraging to me to hear someone talking about what God is doing in their life, even if it doesn’t pertain to me in any relevant way. It’s just exciting, and that makes me want to spend more time with God. So perhaps we should testify a lot more about what God is doing in our life (which obviously requires that we are walking close to Him and having those experiences).

7 05 2011
Godson Paul-Nzeh

I am challenged by Walter Buettler’s Testimony and would want to have his kind of encounter with God. I was introduced to his work and ministry by a great man of God Dr. Bruce Allen. I believe that God is going to give more of his manifestation this time more than the time of our forebearers like this man of God Walter because this days preceeds the coming of the Lord!

29 07 2013
Beth Smith

Please pray big decisions. Enemy has been taking from us. I need prayer. I woke up tonight at 2:30. I need answers for christain school. And finances

8 07 2014

I recently have been waking up at odd hours being told to pray for people…people I do not know. The first time it happened, it was ‘__A__ needs you to pray for __B__” , so I prayed. When I saw “A” I was surprised to find out that “B” was her nieces husband that I was praying for…I am fairly new to the church, do not know the family members, and had no way of knowing this person.

I have been in church my entire life, but this is a totally new experience for me. Since that first occurrence, it has happened a few more times and more recently it has started happening while I am not sleeping.

I do not know anyone else who has these same experiences.

I have always been very dependent upon prayer, I don’t really know how to “classify” this gift or how to explain it.

I am truly happy to pray for others and enjoy being lead by The Spirit. Does anyone else have similar experiences?

1 09 2015

I been going through dome serious spiritful warfare . it has been destroying Me from eating . working at my job. My joy everything. But I been getting up I. The middle of the night . and I’m the person that loves sleep. Is god waking me up for a reason. I think its that he wants to talk to me about my problems . and he wants to me to have peace. What’s your view on this . and thank you for your views

9 11 2016

Brittany keep praying and please talk your pastor to guide you.

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