Are your news sources reliable?

30 10 2007

There are fires raging throughout southern California, and the proposed reasons for that are interesting.  I’ve heard that it’s because of global warming, but what about the fact that California has fires like that just about every year?  I’ve heard a politician on TV say it’s the government’s fault (which leads to it being Bush’s fault, of course).  This one may have a little bit of credence, in that the government does own a lot of forests in that area, and they should be taken care of to reduce the risk of wildfires spreading.  But there are people who already have the job of taking care of those areas, so their preparation should be evaluated.

But guess what the main cause of the fires was… arson.  That is, some people deliberately started those fires.  Most of them have been arrested at this time.

My point in this is that we must be careful where we get our information from.  I know the people making these claims have a freedom of speech, although I wish the media wasn’t so quick to promote their ignorance and/or political chicanery.  People blaming global warming are just trying to spread their cause, basically saying, “Look! You need to listen to us and adopt our radical, unfounded ideas or more of this will happen!”

There are people who make a political platform out of everything, including both natural disasters and man-made disasters.  When Hurricane Katrina hit an area that wasn’t prepared, people blamed both Bush and global warming.  Neither of those were directly at fault, but that didn’t stop certain people from seizing the opportunity to promote their own political agenda.  Now this is happening with the fires, even though they were started by arsonists.

Some scientists predicted a record-setting amount of “monster” hurricanes this year because of global warming.  Now that hurricane season is about over, where have they all been?  Did I miss something?  Weren’t there less in 2006 and 2007 so far?

If you’re going to believe global warming, please take time to read about it from both sides.  The main promoters of it are repressing criticism and even facts and research that don’t agree with what they’re saying.  There’s a major lack of evidence for global warming.  They’re relying mainly on computer models, which are nearly useless if they don’t have complete and accurate data.

Here’s an example of one-sided reporting without much scientific fact.  The biggest-selling daily newspaper in Australia just reported today that global warming will cause more heart attacks, obesity, food poisoning, poor mental health, and even worsening hygiene.  Can they back up those claims?  Do you believe that?

On the topic of bias in our news sources, a report just found that CNN was the most biased of the three major news networks, consistently being positive for Democrats and negative for Republicans.  Overall, the Democratic presidential candidates received more coverage and it was more positive, while the Republican candidates got less coverage and it was more negative than positive.

I’m not trying to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but there are groups out there that are pushing their agenda regardless of facts and truth.  The mainstream media usually doesn’t give us a full report, and they usually don’t even present both sides of an issue.  And so a lot of people are ignorant of the facts, instead accepting a 30-second sound bite from a press conference, even though the issue is a lot larger than that.  We need to check our news sources, to see if we are getting an accurate picture of the important issues.




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30 10 2007

Here’s some more information on using statistics about past hurricanes to make conclusions today. Until recently, not all hurricanes were tracked, because we used to not have the satellite resources we do now. So of course there are more hurricanes spotted today. (Source) But even besides that, there were more landfalling hurricanes (and intense ones also) during the 50-year period of 1900-1949 than from 1956-2005.

Also note that there was a recent speech given by famed hurricane forecaster Dr. William Gray, and for some reason this was not widely reported in the mainstream media. Perhaps it is because he doesn’t accept that mankind has caused global warming, and he actually uses science and research (that’s backed up) to make his conclusions. (Source)

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