a prediction that shouldn’t even be news

6 11 2007

I don’t normally read our local newspaper here, the Log Cabin Democrat, but I saw yesterday’s paper, and it’s not making me want to read it.  One of the articles on the front page is titled “Witches cast predictions on ’08 race”.  What’s up with that?!?  It wasn’t written locally; it was by some bureau in Washington.  So what’s it doing on the front page?  Is there that much a shortage of news?  But it gets even more stupid…

First, here’s their prediction.  A poll of 355 witches predicted that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic presidential nominee, and retired Gen. Wesley Clark will be her running mate.  They also predicted that Rudolph Giuliani will represent the Republican party, with Mike Huckabee as his vice president.  I suppose this is the reason for the article being in our local paper — that three people with Arkansas ties will be in the big election in 2008.

Here’s where it gets even more absurd.  Other published reports from the “New York Center for the Strange” (which conducted the poll) shows the center boasts a 28 percent accuracy rate for predictions.  You don’t have to be a mathematician to know that 28% isn’t so good.  In fact, you’d have a greater chance of being right if you chose something other than what they predict.  Would you listen to predictions from people who are wrong the majority of the time?

And so, there’s a prediction by a group of people of questionable reputation (because witches, if they do have any real power, typically tap into the evil side of the spiritual realm), and this group boasts of a 28 percent accuracy rate, which is not very good at all for predictions.  (Even the weatherman is probably right more than that.)  So I must ask — why is this even news, and why is it on the front page of a newspaper?




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9 11 2007
Chris Davis

I have a prediction… Jesus is coming back soon. 🙂

10 11 2007

I have a prediction: Witches will be wrong nearly 3/4 of the time. I think that you or I could be right more often than that, even without conjuring demons.

The Bible says in Exodus 22:18, “18Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” and in Deuteronomy 18:20, “But a prophet who presumes to speak in my name anything I have not commanded him to say, or a prophet who speaks in the name of other gods, must be put to death.”

Now, I’m not saying we should hunt these witches down and burn them at the stake, but I’m certain God takes a negative view of witchcraft and our newspaper giving coverage to their predictions. From what we see in their stats, their reliability is lacking, so, like you, I wonder why this is even a story unless there is an agenda being promoted here. Could it be that our media is full of left-wing activists that readily promote the anti-Christian viewpoint, regardless of that “viewpoint’s” lack of credibility?

To be fair, the Log Cabin Democrat does have a religion section that regularly gives local Christian churches a voice in our town, but the national news services (probably the A.P. in this case) where the witch story originated have been known to magnify the ungodly. To their credit, they did point out that the witches only had a record of 28% accuracy, although that lack of credibility didn’t keep them from doing the story in the first place.

12 11 2007

You know Chris Davis — I really think U are on to something !!! Maybe sooner than we think !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 11 2007
Justin Jordan

Witches are people too!

Seriously though, this just shows how completely ignorant this country is getting. I mean, witches on the front page of a newspaper? What’s next? Equal rights for witches?

I think it’s rather funny that they only have a 28% accuracy rate. Not only are they on their way to hell, they aren’t even enjoying any kind of power on earth!

As a former warlock, I thank Jesus everyday that my eyes were opened, and that I was able to escape this foolish lie!

15 11 2007

I read this article in the local paper as well, and what I found most ridiculous is that it seriously (not sarcastically) states that it ‘boasts a 28 percent accuracy rate.’ That’s something that you would want to hide, not promote! And definitely not something to ‘boast’ about. Makes me wonder who wrote this and what stats class they had. Not to mention how this piece made it past the editor…

20 11 2007
Scott Helms

This part I find most vile:

“[Huckabee spokeswoman Alice Stewart said the witches got it wrong.

“We are glad to be named on the GOP ticket, but the witches need to take a closer look into their crystal ball, which sometimes reflects images backward,” Stewart said. “The ticket should read Huckabee-Giuliani.” ]”

Should we be hearing “positive” discourse or acknowledgment of the opinion of demons’ hags from the office of one running for POTUS? I am not saying this because I am against Huckabee. I am currently networking for him, and will vote twice if possible. Nor do I denigrate witches’ persons. It is the result of divinations with which we must not be sullied, even jokingly. This former elementalist is in agreement with the former warlock: For Freedom From Foolishness Forever – Fight the Fey Furiously!

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