a few more thoughts on brokenness

14 11 2007

I’d like to add a few thoughts on brokenness, to go with my last post.  One of the things that can keep us from brokenness is our own pride.  And I think it can be harder for men, because we’re taught to be tough and strong, and we might’ve been taught that having emotions is a weakness.  Some people even go so far to say that “real men don’t cry”.  But that mindset keeps us from being healthy.  But don’t take what I’m saying to the wrong extreme.  I’m not suggesting that men should be all emotional, but we need to be true to ourselves.  And when the Holy Spirit is convicting us, we don’t need to resist just because it might make us feel sad or cry.

Another reason we may resist brokenness from God is that we don’t want to see who we really are.  Let me expound on that.  We often judge ourselves on our motives (but only on the ones we choose) instead of our actions.  An example would be that we want to pray more so we’ll know God better and hear His voice, but we haven’t been making any extra time for prayer.  We may excuse that by saying we’re busy but that “God knows my heart”.  That’s true, but we don’t really know our own heart sometimes.  The real reason we aren’t making more time for prayer is because we are choosing to do other stuff instead of praying.  We don’t want to hear that, so we often excuse ourselves with how busy we are or that we want to pray more.  This applies to a lot of other areas, too, like where we’re trying to give up a certain sin, and we make excuses for why we keep stumbling, but the Holy Spirit wants to remind you that God gives grace to overcome any temptation or struggle we may face, so it’s only by our choice that we still fall into any temptation.  Think about it…

We need to be broken so we’ll stay humble.  Our old nature tempts us with pride and self-sufficiency.  You might can think of some ministers who now think a certain ministry is “beneath” them, but that’s nowhere near the example that Jesus set for us.  Remember Jesus washing the feet of His disciples… (and remember that they walked around on dirt roads back then).

One more thing on this…  If you resist being broken by God, you are hardening your heart.  You’re basically telling Him that you don’t want to deal with that right then.  And the more you resist, the harder it is for you to hear God and to discern spiritual things.  So it’s very important that we accept what the Holy Spirit is trying to do in our lives, regardless of how uncomfortable it may be at first.  And let me remind you that the peace and love of God you often experience after you go through the breaking process is so worth all the uncomfortable feelings that you have to work through.




3 responses

15 11 2007
Justin Jordan

Wow, this is right on track with what’s going on in my life right now. You are absolutely right about everything you say too. It is very difficult being broken down by God, but at the same time it’s an incredible feeling. It lets me know that God loves me so much, that He is willing to let me suffer a little while now, than to be ignorant and suffer later. How awesome is HE?

15 11 2007

I’m so glad to hear you’re embracing the brokenness, despite the difficulty of it. For those that cannot relate, I wish I could explain how awesome it is to get through it, because those times of brokenness with God have changed my life. But it’s not just after that season that is awesome — it’s during it, too. Like you said, it’s difficult yet it’s incredible at the same time, because you get closer to God and you experience His love and grace in a more intimate way than ever before. I’ve had some of those moments like Paul had in 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 — where I was pleading for God to remove the struggle, but in a loving way He said, “My grace is sufficient for you”, and I knew that I would make it because God was with me in the struggle. Those times were difficult because I couldn’t handle it on my own, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

24 11 2007
Justin Jordan

I just saw your response, and again you’re absolutely right. The weird thing is that I was just thinking about the verse, “My grace is sufficient for you” and then I see it on here! I guess I’m on God’s timing…that’s a relief!

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