taking time to be thankful

21 11 2007

It’s almost Thanksgiving, which is one of the holidays I really enjoy.  Last year I wrote on the history of Thanksgiving, but today I just want to share a few thoughts on it.  I know it can be a stressful time sometimes, with all the food preparations and travel, but let’s not forget what the holiday is all about.  Let us take time to thank God for His grace and mercy, His awesome promises, His love, and all the things He’s blessed us with, like our family, friends, and letting us be stewards of the material things we have in abundance above what we need to live.

I know there’s already talk of Christmas and presents and shopping (including “Black Friday” with all its sales), and those things are good and have their season, but I prefer to wait until after Thanksgiving to focus on Christmas.  I want to spend the day relaxing with my family, being thankful to God for all He’s done (and is going to do), and, of course, eating.  🙂

Have a great Thanksgiving!




3 responses

24 11 2007
Chris Davis

Hey man.

Have you found a job yet?

26 11 2007
Justin Jordan

Hey thanks for the comments, I just posted a reply on both of them. I forgot to mention that it’s pretty cool how the scriptures God gives you are the same ones that I’m getting, in the same context. I’m not shocked, because that’s what the Holy Spirit does, but I am amazed (as usual) with the awesome power of God!

About this entry, I’m glad you mentioned eating. I really stuffed my stomach full of all the wonderful Thanksgiving food this year. Thank God for moms:)

26 11 2007

@ Chris — No job yet. Still seeking what God is leading me to. But all my bills are paid, because God has made provisions for me. And for that, I am thankful. He will show me what steps to take, and it will all work out for His glory. So I’m not worried about it.

@ Justin — I’m also very thankful for moms who can cook really well! We are very, very blessed with an abundance of food in America, and we should not take it for granted. There are a lot of people in this world who live on less than what the average American throws away each day. It is truly a blessing to have a large Thanksgiving feast with all the trimmings. May we remember to give thanks to God for His blessings, and may we give of our abundance to those in need.

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