the Arkansas Razorbacks beat the #1 LSU Tigers!

26 11 2007

I’m not a huge football fan, but I can enjoy the game sometimes, especially if I’m rooting for a particular team.  This past week I watched some of the game between the Arkansas Razorbacks and the LSU Tigers.  I had to listen to part of it on the radio because I was on the road, but it was still very exciting.

Many people didn’t give the Razorbacks much of a chance, because they were 7-4 and the Tigers were number 1 in the country at 10-1.  The game started pretty rough, too, with a fumble by Heisman trophy candidate Darren McFadden on the opening kickoff, and the Razorbacks got just a handful of yards in the first quarter.  At halftime, though, they were up 7-6, which was encouraging.  Then both offenses came alive in the third quarter.  And it ended up going to triple overtime before it was decided.

I wish I had the stats handy for how stingy LSU’s defense had been against rushing, but it was blown away.  I think there were 3 Razorbacks with more rushing yards than LSU typically allows in a game.  LSU had the #2 ranked defense in the country.

One thing I’ll remember about the game is how quarterback Casey Dick blocked a defender on one of McFadden’s touchdown drives.  It’s great to see he was so involved in the play and willing to take out someone like he did.

It was one of those instant classic games.  All throughout the game there was suspense, and you never knew how it would end.  In the first overtime, Arkansas faced a 4th-and-10 situation and converted it.  Several times in the game there were situations where one team had to step it up and they did.

Ironically, Arkansas coach Houston Nutt resigned a few days later, citing a lack of unity as the reason.  A lot of fans had been calling for his job because of the disappointing season and how things unfolded last offseason.  At least he went out with the biggest win of his career.




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