Are you too busy to spend more time with God?

27 11 2007

For those of you wondering about my job situation, I’m still unemployed.  But I’m learning some things, or at least they’re now hitting home.  See, back when I was working, my schedule was mostly packed out : I’d work at least 40 hours per week, occasionally putting in a little overtime, and I was involved at church, and I would spend time with my wife and friends, and I usually didn’t get enough sleep.  With my busyness, I could sometimes use it as an excuse for why I wasn’t consistently increasing my time in prayer and Bible study (which I need to do).  Deep inside, I knew better, but sometimes those excuses helped me rationalize not increasing my time spent with God.

But now that I’m not working, I have a lot more free time.  I’m staying busy, but it’s not stuff that I have to do.  And if I go through a day and don’t spend enough time with God, be it in prayer or Bible study or worship, then there’s no excuses.  Yet there’s been days when I got caught up in all the other aspects of life and didn’t spend as much quiet time with Him that I knew I should.  It wasn’t that I was ignoring Him or trying to walk away — I just got preoccupied sometimes, distracted with life.  But then I realized that I can no longer stand on the excuse of busyness.  It was like a slap in the face.  I have to face the issue that sometimes I get too distracted with life here, that it’s hindering my relationship with God.

So obviously the issue before wasn’t that I was too busy for increasing my prayer time and study time — the issue was that I wasn’t making time by cutting back on things that aren’t as important in light of eternity and what really matters in life.  My priorities were wrong.  And who sets my priorities?  Me.

I’ve taught on this concept before, how we can deceive ourselves based on our good intentions.  For example, “Yeah, I want to pray more, but I’m just so busy right now, but my heart is right.”  So we might feel somewhat good about ourselves, because, after all, we want to spend more time with God, but there’s just so much going on that it’s difficult to find the time.  Well, the truth be known, our heart isn’t completely right here, because if we really want to pray more, we’ll make time.  What is so important that it keeps us from spending more time with our Creator?  Think about it…




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15 02 2013

I agree whole heartedly with pretty much everything you say here. It’s easy to say, “well, I WANT to pray, but I’m just too busy.” It’s such a common theme in the modern day American church. Even though prayer can quite literally go hand-in-hand with anything. Driving to work? Pray. Falling asleep? Pray. Eating lunch and dinner? Pray. There’s so many cracks in the day into which prayer fits perfectly, but we fail to take advantage of them.

Another thing I’ve been guilty of myself, “Well, I want to pray and try to get close to God, but I feel my heart isn’t in the right place yet.” BS! This is the equivalent of saying, “I’ll clean my life up, and THEN come to Jesus.” It’s just an excuse to keep putting off what we know is necessary. The only thing Jesus requires of us is coming to him, and from him will come the sincerity, the faith, and the perserverance, which we will NEVER get on our own.

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