the naturally occurring side of global warming

6 12 2007

I recently saw a show on the History Channel about global warming, and they explained what they think happened in previous instances of global warming.  (Yes, if you haven’t heard, global warming actually does happen naturally sometimes, without man’s intervention.)  I’m going to present a summary of these “facts”, and you can research them more on your own if you want more information.  But I want to make a quick disclaimer : I don’t necessarily agree with all of these “facts”, because I’m not sure about carbon dating or the actual age of the Earth; but if scientists are going to rely on climate data for their projections and predictions, they should look at what their colleagues claim happened in the past.

Supposedly there was a huge ice age about 650 million years ago, with up to 2500 feet of ice covering the entire earth.  The average temperature then was -40 degrees Fahrenheit, and this ice age lasted 10 million years.  The entire Earth was completely covered with ice during this time.  This was “proven” by drop rocks, which were moved around by glaciers.

Then supposedly 250 million years ago there was a worldwide ice age, where 95 percent of all species were wiped out.  This was caused by flood basalt from massive volcano eruptions in Siberia.  The lava was 1 mile deep in places, and the eruptions created 10 times the amount of current carbon dioxide levels.

There was supposedly a time of global warming 55 million years ago, where the average temperature increased by 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and carbon dioxide was not the cause of it.  And 125,000 years ago, there was another, where the temperature rose 9 degrees and the ocean level increased by 20 feet.  It’s suspected that the tilt of the Earth’s axis is the cause of these, due to the gravity exerted by the sun, moon, and other planets.  Go figure…

There was supposedly another global warming some 11,500 years ago, where the temperature increased 18 degrees.  This one killed off the mega-mammals.  It happened very quickly, and it’s suspected this happened because of a comet or asteroid.  But proof of that has not been found.

Global warming can also happen because of sunspots (or the lack of them).  This was supposedly the cause of the last little ice age, which lasted about 300 years.  A release of sulfur dioxide can cause global warming, such as from the eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815.  That eruption caused 1816 to be the “year without a summer” in North American and Europe.  Methane also contributes to global warming, and it comes from various sources.

According to these scientific “facts” throughout history, global warming is a naturally occurring phenomenon.  So I don’t think man is totally to blame.  I don’t have a lot of faith in the computer models some scientists are using to forecast what is going to happen.  Think about it — they’re predicting the global weather for 100 years, yet meteorologists can barely predict the weather in one location for the next week…  And there’s other things to consider, too.  Here’s a few sources (with commentary and links to news releases).  Global warming is happening on other planets, and scientists don’t understand why that’s happening.  And there was an article recently saying that greenhouse gas emissions are already beyond the “worst-case scenario“.  Can you believe that?  And some scientists are suggesting we should solve global warming with pollution.  Whatever…  The founder of The Weather Channel recently said global warming is “the greatest scam in history”.  (You can get more info on that at Fab’s blog.)  When there’s that much disagreement between climate experts on what’s going on (plus a lot I haven’t listed here), it doesn’t seem very reliable.

All that said, I do think we should be responsible in taking care of our environment by cutting back on pollution and using renewable resources.  But I’m having trouble believing the doomsday “prophets” about global warming and how it will soon destroy us all.




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7 12 2007

From a logical standpoint, it baffles my mind how so-called “global warming” can be blamed at all on man. Think about it: The earth’s surface is 70-75% water. So man lives on about 1/4 of the earth. Of that 1/4, only a tiny fraction is contributing “greenhouse gases”. Man doesn’t live on every square inch of the earth, nor do vehicles cover the entire planet. The African continent (the 2nd largest continent after Asia) is quite un-industrialized. Large portions of Russia, Greenland and Canada are very sparcely populated and Antarctica has an effective human population of zero. So tell me how these sources of greenhouse gases, which make up such a small portion of the earth’s livable surface, can make enough gases to change the climate worldwide? I have my doubts that they effect it one bit. If this were happening, why then is the entire world’s air polluted and not just the immediate vicinity of highly industrialized areas? The answer is that the earth is taking care of itself. God made it to do so and for man to think he can destroy it or even alter the world-wide weather is the height of arrogance.

Another study I read said that the earth is coming out of a mini ice-age that was taking place in the 17th and 18th centuries and the thaw continues as a natural part of the earth’s climate cycle. Maybe the Arctic Circle is supposed to thaw out and there’s really nothing we can do about it.

I’m no expert, but I can think for myself and not believe the media hype and the so-called “experts” just because they say I should. There can be no “concensus” in science. It is either a provable fact or it is just a theory (like evolution) that must withstand experimental scrutiny. There is plenty of evidence out there that global warming (if it’s even happening) has nothing or very little to do with man and many scientists disagree with what the media portrays as the “scientific consensus”.

This whole scheme in my opinion is just a way to blame the industrialized world for a concocted problem and tax and punish progress at the hands of environmentalist wackos.

13 02 2008

It’s refreshing to read sensible comments like these.

Years ago in college (1992), I presented a research report on paleoclimatic archives and ancient atmospheres. I was scoffed at by several classmates for suggesting that the earth was indeed in a post-glacial period and that a warming trend was inevitable and naturally occurring. I stood my ground then as I still do today. Although these days, I actually have more allies.

7 07 2009
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