Should Santa Claus be skinny?

12 12 2007

It seems like the politically correct crowd knows no bounds these days.  Now some people are calling for to get skinny.  This is even coming from people in authority, such as from acting U.S. Surgeon General Rear Adm. Steven K. Galson :

“It is really important that the people who kids look up to as role models are in good shape, eating well and getting exercise. It is absolutely critical.”

Is Santa Claus really a role model for children?  I know kids might dream of eating many, many servings of milk and cookies, but are kids wanting to be Santa Claus when they grow up?  Maybe I’ve been sheltered from such, but I’ve never heard anyone say that before.  Does anybody really think Santa influences children towards obesity?

Donna Rheaume, spokesperson for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, did acknowledge that Santa is “fine just the way he is”, but then she added this :

“We would recommend people leave him healthier snacks this year like a nice apple or carrot and celery sticks, which have an added benefit because they are tasty for his reindeer, too.”

Pardon my directness, but that’s just stupid.  If Santa is fine the way he is, why change the tradition?

Sure, Santa is somewhat rotund, having a roundish belly, but he’s obviously in good shape if he can deliver millions of presents in one night.  Being big doesn’t mean someone is out of shape.  And that’s what a lot of these “skinny” advocates are not understanding.  Of course, we should all aim to be in good shape and not be overweight, but it’s not as easy for some people and it can take time to lose weight in a healthy way.  Plus, some people just don’t want to be skinny — this is a free country, after all.

You may be wondering why I’m saying all this… after all, it’s doubtful they can change Santa.  There’s so many movies, TV specials, toys, etc., that we all know what Santa is supposed to look like.  But look at it this way — what does this lead to?  What is the underlying message here?  Look again at the first quote above.  According to him, it’s absolutely critical that kids’ role models be in good shape.  If they are going to try to force Santa to get in shape, what about other role models for children?  Will people who volunteer to mentor children and youth now be forced to be under a certain weight or size?  Will people who work at daycare places undergo similar criteria?  Do you see what this could lead to if carried further?  It would be discrimination against overweight people.  Would the “P.C.” people push it to that extreme?  I wouldn’t think so, but they’ve surprised me in the past with how far they’re willing to go.

And Santa’s weight isn’t the only thing being attacked this year.  Some people are also demanding that Santa no longer say “Ho Ho Ho” because it could be offensive to some women.  Do these people not have a clue?  That’s just an expression of joy, it’s not directed at anybody.  I wonder if anyone has actually been offended by Santa saying that to them, or if some people are just trying to ruin Christmas in every way they can.  And, not to be outdone in all this ridiculosity, PETA is saying Santa’s reindeer should be released into the wild.

What’s this world coming to?




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