a Christmas without presents?

13 12 2007

A while back I came upon an article that dares the reader to think outside the box : What if there was a Christmas without presents?  I’ve thought about this before, because I find Christmas to be way too commercialized.  I don’t have a problem with giving gifts, but it’s the requirement of having to give something that day, as well as the busyness that ensues.  Plus you feel obligated to give certain people a gift so they won’t get offended, even if you see them once a year and they hardly even talk to you then.

I’m not suggesting we do away with gift giving or sending cards to people.  But I want them to mean something, and most of all I want to focus more on what the original holiday was for.  Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ.  Hopefully most of us do take some time to reflect on the life of Jesus Christ and what He means to us.  But it seems like for most of us (myself included), the time spent focusing on Jesus is largely disproportionate to the time spent shopping and decorating and partying.  I’m fine with those other things, as long as they don’t crowd out what Christmas is really about.

This year, let’s make sure we remember the reason for the season.  Perhaps we can all find a way to add some type of devotional to our Christmas traditions and family get-togethers this year.




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