where it’s Christmas every day

20 12 2007

Someone showed me a magazine article about someone in Mountain Home, Arkansas, who has a great story.  Edna Merritt didn’t get to experience much of Christmas when she was a child, because her parents just weren’t giving people.  Her health seriously deteriorated in her thirties, and twenty years later she was diagnosed with lupus.  So she doesn’t have much energy and can’t spend much time in sunlight.  This doesn’t sound like a great life so far, does it?

When she was invited to a Bible study and heard how Jesus had made a difference in others’ lives, she accepted Jesus and it changed her outlook on life.  Now instead of living a depressed life, she makes the most of her life in spite of her difficulties.

She started created Christmas scenes with dollhouses, and the hobby has continued for many years.  She’s used all kinds of common items, like salt and pepper shakers, pencil sharpeners, magnets, Barbie items, Avon bottles, buttons, poker chips, checkers, etc.  She has said, “When I couldn’t sleep from pain, I’d saw and hammer and nail, creating miniature houses and stores and furnishings.”  She also collected items from yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores.

But this has continued beyond a hobby — she started and now runs a 2,400 square foot not-for-profit museum called the Miniature Museum of Merritt.  She has recreated different eras in American history, along with some of the buildings in Mountain Home.

She personally leads each museum tour, and at the end of the tour she reads her own inspirational poems and shares the stories that inspired them.  Her story in itself is inspirational, because she didn’t let her disease and hardships ruin her life.  Now she interacts with many people, telling her story.

You can see some pictures of the museum and read the rest of the story at this link, on pages 12-14.




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