Will this year be better than last year?

1 01 2008

I saw part of a New Year’s celebration on TV, and they were conducting a poll about whether the viewers expected 2008 to be a better year than 2007.  To me, this is an easy question, because I aim to make each year better than the last.  But 16 percent of over 2,000 voters said they expected 2008 to not be better than 2007.  Given that the year was just beginning, how can someone be so negative and pessimistic about the upcoming year?  Unfortunately, they’re probably right.  Because life is what you make it, and if you look for bad things to happen and for things to go wrong, they most likely will.  It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

That pessimistic mindset doesn’t necessarily make more bad things happen, but it causes events to be looked at from a negative perspective.  And so certain things that could be building blocks toward a better future may be looked at as stumbling blocks.  Your attitude plays a huge role in how you handle from the tough times in life.  The same event can happen to two people, and one may respond with frustration and destructive actions while the other one accepts it and moves on to something better.

For the most part, this new year will be what you make of it.  Sure, there may be some unexpected situations that are unpleasant to go through and they may make life more difficult, but we are still responsible for our own life.  If we start blaming our past or our circumstances for how our life is, then we become trapped by those excuses.  The past is something we have to learn from and let go of, to be free of it in the present and future.

Let us look forward to this new year, and let us raise our expectations for it.  May we grow closer to God than ever before, and may we bear much fruit for His glory, and may we live in His joy and peace every day.  It’s our choice.




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2 01 2008

Amen! This is my anthem for 2008!

I’m so tired of negativity, and mainly because I was part of it for so long. I never believed I had a choice to be happy or not, but now I know I do. Everyday we choose how we are going to respond to our circumstances.

I choose to be happy, and why wouldn’t I be happy? I have the Lord Jesus in me, and taking care of me. I have been given eternal life! What more do I need?

Great post!

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