hearing good news in the news

3 01 2008

I wrote an article the other day about some of the evil things being done in the world, and I heard about it on the local news on TV.  I usually don’t watch the local news because it’s mostly negative.  Tonight, I happened to see The 700 Club.  I’ve seen it before, but don’t consistently watch it.  Although I usually enjoy it when I do see it.  They present some world news, and then they often have a segment on some people facing tough times.

The story they told tonight was about a professional boxer whose marriage had ended in divorce and he had become involved in drugs, drinking, and sex.  His life had become a complete mess.  But then his ex-wife turned to God and started praying for him, and then he turned his life around.  He became known as the Gospel Gladiator because he witnessed on the pro boxing circuit.  He’s now retired and in full-time ministry, traveling around the country telling his story, and he remarried his first wife and things are great with them.

That’s the kind of stories we need to hear more of.  I know there’s a time and place for hearing about what’s going wrong in the world, but it’s so encouraging to hear stories of how things worked out for people whose life was falling apart.  I wish the local news programs would tell more stories like that.

If you think about it, there’s probably a lot of great testimonies by people around you that you never hear about.  I’ve heard a number of testimonies from friends where God has done great things in their lives, and I’ve experienced a lot of great things in my life.  So know that there are great stories out there, even near you, where life’s circumstances are working out for good.  I think we should seek to hear a balance of good stories versus what’s wrong in the world.  I wish more news programs would focus on good events rather than telling us night after night who is leading in the primary polls or what trouble Britney Spears and her sister are in.  Maybe the current state of news reporting is what the masses want, but I don’t think it’s healthy for us…




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