enjoying celebrity gossip

21 01 2008

There’s been a lot of news lately about Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, how their lives are spiraling out of control.  I don’t why this is so popular in the news, because there are a lot of people who have dysfunctional lives.  I know, these two are celebrities, so some people enjoy talking about them and keeping up with their business.

I read something the other day that took a different perspective on all this celebrity gossip, specifically about those two people :

In spite of their failures and the paths they have chosen shouldn’t we be encouraging them to get back up and encouraging them to better things rather than lambasting them with judgment and hateful comments?  Why does someone else destroying their life make us so happy?  Why is that funny to us?  Shouldn’t our hearts be broken for these whose lives are spinning out of control? ~ Darrell Halk

So true.  It may not seem like it with all the glamour that the media puts on celebrities, but they are people, too.  And they don’t deserve to be put down just because they’re famous.  I know some people justify it because they are so rich and famous — living what many consider the ideal life — but they don’t have everything together, and they’ve got problems like everybody else.  In fact, celebrities might struggle more with the lack of joy and contentment than non-celebrities, because they trust in their fame and riches for their identity, not realizing what’s really important in life : God, family, friends, helping others, etc.

If we take any enjoyment out of watching another fellow human being stumble and/or fall, there’s something wrong in us.  We should have compassion on others, wanting to help them.  If we derive pleasure from their stumbles, we’re either jealous or just mean.  I realize this isn’t an easy word to swallow, but before you start the flame mail, think about it…  Also, I know you have the legal right to say whatever you want — we still have freedom of speech — but I’m talking about what is morally right.  Someday we will have to give account to God for every idle word we say.




One response

30 05 2008
Darrell Halk

wow you quoted me, that is cool. Thanks for feeling that what I wrote was worthy of discussion.


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