the 2008 State of the Union Address

29 01 2008

Last night I watched part of President Bush’s State of the Union Address.  At first, it was somewhat amusing when the cameras would focus on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, because they usually did not look happy at all.  In fact, they looked rather upset at times.  But then I started getting frustrated with the whole thing, especially when Bush would say something good, and you’d see half of the Congressmen stand up and clap and cheer, while the other half looked angry.

I get frustrated with how partisan politics are along party lines.  Too often the issue is not about what is best for our country, but what their party votes for.  And so very little gets done.  The running of our government is much too important for them to be playing these stupid games.

And while I’m ranting, the upcoming presidential election seems to be more about who has the most electability rather than who is best for the job.  This isn’t a popularity contest!  We need someone with values and integrity, who will do the right thing even if it’s not popular.  I know people dis’ (put down) Bush because they don’t agree with everything he does, but at least he tries to do what he thinks is right.  He knows he’s not very popular in certain circles, but he’s following his convictions.  At least he has some integrity…

Anyway, all that reminds me why I don’t like politics…

And I’m concerned about our country.  I think our government is distracted from the most important issues, and that a lot of those in power don’t see the big picture.  I hope the important issues get worked out before something really bad happens (whether from war, our economy — the national debt and keeping jobs here, our freedoms, etc.).  I’m not trying to sound all “doom and gloom”, but I think things are worse than what usually gets reported.  But I don’t lose any sleep over these issues, because my joy and peace doesn’t come from this world.  I just think it’s tragic that our prosperous country is turning away from the things that made it great.




One response

2 02 2008

Yep – I think this feeling you have is why a lot of folks get sick of politics. And the sad thing is that politicians continue to behave in this manner because they *can*.

Until people wake up and demand more from their leaders (you already said one of the biggest qualities missing from the majority of our government leaders – integrity – regardless of what your convictions are), we will continue to see this cycle repeat over & over…

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