challenging your daily walk

31 01 2008

I’d like to present you with a challenging quote today.  This is by Jesse Duplantis, and some people may immediately roll their eyes or toss out any credibility of it.  If that’s you, please hold your judgment and/or condemnation.  While I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says and believes, I do like how he seems to have an intimate relationship with God.  I think God wants us to talk with Him every day — both speaking and listening.

Anyway, this quote isn’t exactly about that, but it does challenge me to use my faith more.  Think about this :

I believe God for something every day. ~ Jesse Duplantis

For the moment, disregard any preconceived notions about who said it, and think just on the quote.

It’s easy to say we believe God every day, and in a way we do if we’re saved, but is it a big part of our life?  Are we actually living in faith each day (beyond just believing God is who He says He is), where we are believing for something that we can’t see in the physical realm?

I’ve believed God for miracles and received them, but I don’t do that every day.  Perhaps I need to exercise my faith more.  And to go with that quote, which I heard earlier this week, last night I heard a sermon on preparing for miracles, how we have to do our part to receive the miracles God offers us.  Of course we must pray, but then we must listen for what we need to do, and then we must follow His instructions in faith.  If you consider the biblical accounts of miracles, people had to do something in faith before they received their miracle.  And that concept fits in well with faith, because if we truly believe something is about to happen, we will act accordingly.

God is calling us to rise up beyond what is “normal” in the American church.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the “standards” of our society, even within the church, and to think we’re doing well in our Christian walk.  But looking at the standard of Jesus and the apostle Paul (and others), most of us fall way short.  Are we able to walk in the same anointing they did?  Yes.  Should we be?  Yes.  So let us raise our expectations to biblical proportions.  The difficulty in this is that we will be considered extreme, and it will come at a great cost — our time, our “freedom”, our reputation, etc.

Do you long to be a powerful man / woman of God?  If so, count the cost, and take whatever steps are necessary to get in the perfect will of God.  I say this not as someone who has even remotely achieved this yet, but I’m being challenged.  I’ve experienced enough of God to realize how much more there is.  I also struggle in this growing process.  It’s not easy, and it’s not always fun, but I know it’s worth it, so I will struggle on.




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