the new Knight Rider movie / TV show

20 02 2008

I watched the pilot for the new Knight Rider show, because I enjoyed watching the original Knight Rider when I was a kid.  I wasn’t sold on this new version.  The new version of KITT was cool, but the script for the whole “movie” (as they called it) had some major issues in my opinion.  That’s what I’m going to focus on here, so there are spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet but still plan to.

When KITT was being hacked, he was aware of this, yet could do nothing about it.  That is stupid.  If he were to not recognize it was a hack, like if he thought it might be legitimate, then that’s understandable.  But he said he was being hacked, and there was even a countdown to when they would be through.  (And how he knew that, despite their “surprising efficiency”, is also strange.)  Since he knew someone was hacking his system, it wouldn’t be that difficult to kick them off the system.

When all the main characters were at the motel and the good guys were trying to escape, what were they thinking?  They took their time leaving, taking plenty of time to talk about the past.  And when they finally reached KITT, instead of getting inside where it was bulletproof and they could escape, they stood outside the car, arguing over things, until the bad guys got there and captured them.  Were all the people there really that forgetful of what was going on and how much danger they were in?

One of my biggest gripes was with the beginning, when they were trying to define the characters.  They made the FBI agent look like a lesbian, and it had no place in the entire story.  Were they trying to get “shock value”?  To me, it was disgusting and added nothing whatsoever to the story.

They also made the new driver of KITT to be immature and not very well-rounded.  Perhaps that gives them more leeway with dumb character decisions (like they’ve already done), but it’s not staying accurate with the original series.

I’m not going to make it a point to see the other episodes.  I wanted to see this one because the original was enjoyable, but it doesn’t seem like they will maintain that level of quality.  Some friends joked about how easy it would be to find someone better at it than David Hasselhoff, but they didn’t.  When they remake old TV shows (whether into a new series or a movie), they should aim to do them better than the originals.




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