a miracle after a heart attack

23 02 2008

I’d like to share with you a testimony of a couple from my church.  One of them just had a heart attack last week, his second one in less than a year.  So things were looking bad for him — that is, until God intervened in the situation.  Here’s the story as told by his wife:

I just wanted to tell everyone about our miracle! Some of you may have heard, but for those of you that haven’t, just know, God is STILL a God of miracles!!

On Saturday Night, a week ago, John came to the side of our bed where I was resting from surgery. He woke me gently and explained that he thought he needed to go to the Emergency Room explaining that “he just didn’t feel right”. Knowing my husband and the offer to go to the ER, I knew right away it was his heart.

As suspected, it was confirmed by the blood tests that John had a heart attack. (There is an enzyme produced and present in the blood that is only present after a heart attack). They kept John comfortable with hourly morphine on Sunday watching him closely, as tests were to be done on Monday by his doctor. John saw 3 heart specialists on Sunday, the on-call heart doctor, his by-pass surgeon, and his doctor. All 3 confirmed he had a heart attack.

All day Sunday, we were surrounded by people praying and believing with us, (for that I cannot thank each of you enough). Sunday night when things settled a bit and it was quiet, I remember holding John’s hand and thanking God for sparing his life again, I know I prayed a bit more but really don’t recall the specifics. I was on pain medicine from my surgery and drifted off to sleep. In the early morning hours, I jumped in my sleep, not sure why, but it scared John. He sat up, and I sat up, both of us asking the other if we were okay. I asked him if he needed more morphine as it had been over 3 hours and he said no, his shoulder was not hurting and we both drifted back to sleep.

The next day, John went for his tests. WE RECEIVED OUR MIRACLE! John’s heart specialist said, “whatever it was must have fixed itself”. He assured us that John’s heart looked great, the bypass looked great, the stint from 10 years ago was working well (which wasn’t working at his heart attack in October), and that John should not have any heart trouble for years to come. Of course they tried to explain but were unable to, but John and I made sure they knew that we knew exactly what happened. One of John’s heart specialists was puzzled and John said, “Man, I got Jesus!”. The doctor said, “You got something, because I’ve never seen that before!”

That’s so awesome!  I believe God wants to do many more miraculous things, if only we would believe His promises in faith.  It’s not enough to just say a prayer and hope things work out — we have to really believe it will happen and then live accordingly.  Let’s all start expecting more from God.  He has offered us so much with the promises in His Word, if only we will receive it…




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