the TV show Deal or No Deal

2 03 2008

I’ve seen the prime-time TV game show Deal or No Deal a couple of times now, and it’s amazing how irrational the contestants can become when facing the choice of whether to accept a deal or to play the odds again.  One thing I have against the show is that it is a lot like gambling — you are just playing the odds, depending on luck.  I’m not saying it’s wrong to play, but there’s not any talent required, other than figuring whether you should continue on or not.  Although, it may be a talent to calculate the odds, because from what I’ve seen, the contestants mostly relied on the crowd and their own emotions.

Now there are multiple chances to win one million dollars, because nobody is winning it.  In one show I saw, this woman had four chances out of 15 briefcases to get the million dollars.  The host, Howie Mandel, told her that it was almost 1 in 3 odds, but it was 26.7%, which is much closer to 1 in 4.  The other options were $25,000, $75,000, and a bunch that were less than $1,000.  The banker offered her $166,000, but she played on.  There was a 73.3% chance she would not get as much as that offer.  Yet she continued on.  Then later, the four remaining briefcases were $0.01, $5, $25,000, and $75,000.  The banker offered her $27,000, yet she turned it down.  There was only a 25% chance of her getting more than that.  And there was a 50% chance that she wouldn’t win enough to buy lunch.  Call me a conservative, but with those odds I’d take the safer route.

So it appears that the show is mostly hype and eye-candy, although you do get to see how the contestants handle the pressure, which can be amusing.  (Or it can make you want to yell at them, which I reckon is what is most entertaining about the show.)  Speaking of the eye-candy, I don’t see the need for the models to dress provocatively like they do, so I don’t plan on watching this on a regular basis.  I know, for most of secular America, it adds to it, but it’s exploiting women.  I know, they chose to do it, but I’m choosing to not watch anymore.

One more note on the show…  The contestants get so excited, just at the possibility of winning a million dollars.  I wonder how excited they’d get over something more important.  Of course winning a million dollars would be awesome — I’d be excited, too — but it’s not that important for happiness and fulfillment in life.  Also, consider how excited people should get over more important things, like someone getting saved into Christianity.  You don’t see that very often, do you?  Perhaps some people get more excited about a game show and winning a million dollars than they do about spiritual things…  Such is our culture…  Just something to think about…




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26 03 2008

I know I become intentionally addicted to AmerIdol… it’s just fun for me and this is an exceptionally talented season…(2008)
I know it’s just a show and parts are exaggerted for the sake of entertainment – like the pretend friction between the judges and the host and the one judge who is extra hateful… but it’s a fun soap opera and fun to rush my evening chores through to sit down with – like a comfortable sweater…
I think the blonde chick who plays guitar and piano is a Christian.
(but that one about telling the truth is ugly… making folks say terrible stuff for money… 😦
But, I’m just saying…
There – I hit yo blogg and weighed in!, Beppo 🙂

25 06 2008

I likes when the women come down like a waterfoul over the step in they baby doll dresses all alike…

they are way better than a blinking board of lights and numbers or a wheel you spin with some old white dude and a long skinny microphone standing around…

ain’t that right Fab?


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