Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band

6 03 2008

Tonight I went to a concert by one of the best bands of this generation.  It’s so great to hear live music with real musicians.  (Synthesized music has its place, but it can never take the place of real instruments.)  Hearing music live is so much better than any recording, even on a really high-end sound system.  Our current recording mediums (CDs and MP3s) are limited.  (Yes, even CDs — they are compressed too much, and they don’t have enough dynamic range.)  The acoustics in the hall were good, too; there was a good natural reverb.

The band was Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band.  There was 5 saxophones (of varying types), 4 trombones, 4 trumpets, a drummer with a full drum set, a percussionist with various instruments, a bass player (who switched between acoustic and electric bass), a rhythm guitarist, and a piano.  Their performance was impeccable.  They played some difficult jazz pieces, yet there were no wrong notes, and the music was so “tight”.  It was incredible!

If you haven’t heard of them, you should check out some of their music on iTunes or eMusic or their MySpace page.  Even if you don’t normally like jazz, you should try it.  Broaden your mind.  🙂  They play a “big band” style of jazz, although it sounds modern, too, and they combine several different styles of music into it.

They’ve won several Grammy awards, and they’ve played with a number of high-profile artists over the years.  You can find out more about them at their website.

This concert was cut short because of a winter weather warning here in central Arkansas.  I like to get snow (because it’s so rare here), but it could’ve been on a different night than the concert.  But at least I got to hear about an hour and a half of great live music.




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