no excuse

8 03 2008

I was just praying, and I remembered this quote I want to share.  (Watch your toes, because this may step on them.)

The ball is in our court.  God has done everything necessary for us to live in victory.  If we persist in living by the flesh it is because we want to, not because we have to. ~ Watchman Nee

It’s so true!  When we get saved, we are set free from the bondage of sin, and God gives grace to empower us to overcome any temptation.  And God will not put us in a situation that is more than we can bear.  So we really have no excuse.

If we want to overcome a sinful habit, whether it’s lusting, laziness, losing our temper, etc., we have the resources to do so.  If we want to overcome personality flaws like being shy, getting distracted, talking more than we should, etc., we can.  We don’t need a 12-step program (although it might help in some cases, and perhaps we could use the help and accountability).  What we need is the power of God.  But He is not withholding His power — we must choose to receive it.  The reason we don’t is that we haven’t fully surrendered ourselves to His will.

Ponder the things that you struggle with.  Do you really want to be free and victorious?  We can overcome, but we have to totally want it and thus be willing to pay the price.  It’s not easy to overcome our struggles, which is why many people never do.  These battles aren’t won during one decision, but by many day-to-day decisions.  We have to keep our mind renewed and to always choose the right thing.  The question is — are we willing to pay the price?

This steps on my toes, because I have some areas where I struggle, and I’m good at making excuses.  But I really have no excuse.  I just need to step up and deal with my “issues”.  I feel like I’m at a crossroads where I could take the “easy road” and keep living like I have been, or I could take the harder dying-to-self road and walk in victory.  Putting it in those terms makes it obvious what the right decision is, but as we all know, living it every moment of every day isn’t quite so easy.  That’s why I’m thinking about this right now, even though it’s not comfortable to deal with these things.

God deserves our best…




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