recycling made easy

10 03 2008

I think most people would agree that we should recycle our trash, to help the environment, but in past years, you had to store your recyclables, separate them, then take them to a specified location.  It was really inconvenient.  But now our local sanitation department offers free curbside pickup.  You just put it all in the free, blue trash can and put it out like you would your normal green trash can.  I realize not all places offer this yet, but here in Conway, AR, our sanitation department does.

It’s so easy now, too.  You can co-mingle (mix) all the items together.  Currently they accept : cardboard, cans (aluminum, steel, tin), newspapers, paper, phone books, magazines, styrofoam packing, plastic bottles (#1 & #2), and plastic shopping bags.  So by tossing these in a separate trash can, you can help the environment.  It doesn’t get much easier.

For details on Conway’s recycling program, visit this page.  If you live elsewhere, check if your trash pickup includes any options for recycling.  Hopefully places all over will adopt a similar strategy, because this makes it really easy, to the point that we really don’t have a good excuse for not doing it.




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