too busy for spiritual growth?

13 03 2008

When I didn’t have a job recently, my schedule was very much freed up during the day.  And so I couldn’t use the excuse of being “too busy” to spend more time with God than I have been.  It was a common excuse when I was working, and I really was busy most of the time, but the problem wasn’t with all that I “had” to do but with my priorities.

In our current society, it’s easy to fill our lives with things that keep us busy.  It seems like everyone is just so busy and hurried.  That busyness can keep us from realizing how much more of God there is and that we aren’t as close to God as we might think.  By being laid-off, I had to come to terms with myself over this excuse, realizing that it wasn’t my busyness that kept me from increasing my quiet time with God — it was my own choices.  And so it is with all of us.  We may genuinely feel like life is just “too busy” to do what we really need to do in our spiritual walk, but that’s just excuses.  If there’s too much “stuff” in our life, we need to remove some of it to make more time for God.

I realize it may sometimes feel like we don’t have control over our schedule, that we’re having to work too much overtime or that there’s so many activities going on, but we still make the choices that determine what we do.  If our current lifestyle doesn’t have enough time for God, then perhaps some major changes are necessary.  My point is that there really aren’t any valid excuses when we say we want to know God more but don’t make the time.  He’s always available, longing for fellowship with us, hoping that we will make time for Him.  There really is nothing more important in life than our time with God.




One response

20 05 2008

Amen, He is the most important Person in our life, and He deserves COMPLETE attention.

Thanks man

Bless ya


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