Barack Obama’s pastor

14 03 2008

Have you heard about Barack Obama’s pastor of 20 years, Jeremiah Wright?  He appears to use the pulpit for advancing his views on black activism and politics.  In this video (which I would rate PG), he discusses the differences between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  He also seems to make an analogy of Biblical times versus America, saying Jesus was a poor black man who was oppressed by the rich white men (Romans).  He says people hate Obama because he’s not rich and he’s not white.

The Rev. Wright also says the United States brought 9/11 on itself because of our own terrorism.  And he says we should not say, “God Bless America”, but rather, something that I wouldn’t repeat.  He says America is run under the influence of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), which is absurd.  He says black Republicans are a sellout.  You can see a video on this here.

Obama has finally tried to distance himself from it, somewhat, but his excuses and denials aren’t sounding very convincing to me.  There is video of his pastor saying this kind of thing on numerous occasions.  I’m sure some people will be researching the old sermons (if possible) to see if Obama is telling the truth about this being an isolated incident and not the norm.

Either way, I have issues with it, because it is causing division.  I know, some racism still exists in America, but it’s not like what Rev. Wright is claiming.  Plus, it sounds like he is racist against white people.  (I know, some people might explode at the mention of that, but it sure sounds that way.)  Even if Rev. Wright has experienced racism and oppression, to turn it around on other people makes him just as guilty as the people he is condemning.  We need unity in this country, not more racism and division.

I’ve heard some people say this has little to do with Obama and his qualifications to be President, but I disagree.  If this is the normal type of preaching there, and this is what Obama has been indoctrinated with for 20 years, that is a big deal.  Obama said this is a non-issue because Rev. Wright is about to retire, but I don’t buy that.  The issue is that they’ve been linked (and influencing each other) for 20 years.

It’ll be interesting to see what effect this has on the Presidential race…




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15 03 2008

Thanks for posting this. It’s important to know what Obama stands for. What’s worse? The possibility of him being a Muslim or the fact that he is associated with a black supremest church?

Either way, this country is destroyed. Then again, we’ve already turned our backs on God (as a nation) so we are really just getting what we deserve. I’m just beating a dead horse now!

16 03 2008
Cousin J

Beppo you are commended for helping inform others about the abuse of the pulpit by a pastor that has gone too far. The so-called pastor, Jeremiah Wright, is more like Jeremiah Wrong. I am no expert on Africa, but I have travelled there yearly for some time. Many of my African friends are dismayed by the tactics of some African- Americans – such as Jeremiah Wright. I recall one African friend mentioning that those blacks in America that complain should try and come live in Africa – they would soon understand that though slavery took their forefathers from Africa, their current plight as sons of slaves in America is much better than had they remained in Africa to endure some of the worst conditions our world has to offer. I could never say such things – but I suppose an African has every right to say what they want about African-Americans that “use” Africa for their own political purposes.

As for Obama’s association with Wright, I do believe that you can tell a lot about a person by the people he/she supports. There is no question in my mind that Obama knew the heart and soul of Jeremiah Wright. You go to church and so do I. We both know the heart of a pastor when we have heard him preach, seen him interact with others and observed his behavior. I do not hold Obama personally responsible for Jeremiah Wright, because I know myself what it is like to be surprised by a pastor’s behavior. In Obama’s case, Wright has a long history of speaking out the vile things we have all recently heard and Obama “continued” to support the man as his pastor without questioning him – until now. It would be different had Obama been made suddenly aware of behavior or rhetoric Wright was responsible for, and he had no reasonable knowledge of it in the past. If you see someone continuing to support a pastor with flawed ideas, outlandish behavior, sin in their lives or cultish tendencies, when they are widely known issues – then it is reasonable to expect that the person holds similar ideas or low standards. Obama has no place to hide in regards to Jeremiah Wright. If you give credit for the title of your book to someone – as Obama did of Wright – I believe that you are saying you have tremendous regard for the person’s influence in your life and views of the world. Obama should retitle his book form “The Audacity of Hope” to “The Audacity of the Liberal Left”.

God help America. We need integrity, accountability and humility in the political and spiritual realms in our country. With the choices we have for president this year, there is no doubt I will be voting for John McCain – and I hope Mike Huckabee will be his running mate!

Cousin J

19 03 2008

Agree totally Cousin J… it’s too bad that Obama is being allowed to spin this somewhat, too. In my opinion, this close association with a radical like this should automatically disqualify him.

Our country certainly isn’t perfect (and does desperately need repentance in many areas), but to compare us to Al-Queda and saying our government purposely started HIV to kill black people is absurd and irresponsible on Rev. Wright’s part. These views HAD to be known by Obama (and he eventually admitted that he knew in his speech yesterday) yet he continued to attend this church for 20 years. To have this man as the leader of our country shouldn’t even be an option now.

24 03 2008

The controversy over Obama’s pastor continues… I’ve read a few of the comments on mainstream news sites about this, and it’s amazing how many people really don’t understand what’s going on…

I found a quote by Obama’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright, from about a year ago. It sheds some light on Obama’s recent comments about what his pastor says:
“If Barack gets past the primary, he might have to publicly distance himself from me,” Mr. Wright said with a shrug. “I said it to Barack personally, and he said yeah, that might have to happen.”
That’s from The New York Times, April 30, 2007. So, isn’t this proof that Obama was aware of the rhetoric a year ago?

Also, there’s a video of Barack Obama not putting his hand over his heart while the National Anthem was sung. And remember there was a comment by his wife, Michelle Obama, a while back about not being proud of our country. Perhaps these are all related.

Should it be a requirement for the office of President that the candidate be a patriot of America?

24 03 2008
Thomas Wayne

Obama said his grandmother isn’t racist but that:

“…she is a typical white person who, you know, if she sees somebody on the street that she doesn’t know, you know, there’s a reaction that’s been bred into our experiences that don’t go away and that sometimes come out in the wrong way. And that’s just the nature of race in our society.”

So what does that mean? Is racism “bred into our experiences that don’t go away”? Does this apply to the “typical white person”? Isn’t this racist speech? It sure sounds like it to me! It seems to have been influenced by the black supremacy preached by his pastor.

I figure Obama has already done some “damage control” with this, by supposedly “clarifying” his intent. But imagine if I talked about a “typical black person”. What kind of outrage would accompany that? Let’s not have double standards here.

You can read more on it here, with commentary by Glenn Beck.

10 04 2008

Apparently Barack Obama has some other “crazy uncle” type people in his life. There’s another preacher, the Reverend James Meeks, who uses the same type of language as the Reverend Jeremiah Wright (except it may be even worse). This guy in 2004 said Obama regularly seeks him out for “spiritual counsel”. This preacher also appeared in some of Obama’s ads when he was running for his position as Illinois state senator.

Watch this video and see what you think…

18 05 2008

Obama’s pastor Jeremiah Wright would be happy to see Obama’s presidential campaign derailed, according to a source close to him. The pastor feels betrayed by Barack Obama because of recent remarks that puts distance between them.

Rev. Wright also says Obama “says what he has to say as a politician.”

(I know this was said a little while back, but I wanted to add it to this post for whoever finds it. The saga continues…)

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