last night’s church service

17 03 2008

Last night at church we had a very awesome service, but it was different.  At the point when Pastor would normally preach, he told us that tonight we weren’t needing another sermon but that we needed to pray.  And he was so right.  He was definitely being led by the Holy Spirit.

We had an altar time that lasted for a long time, and it was incredible.  There were people praying all over the place, most everyone kneeling or sitting.  And there was a lot of weeping.  It was such a powerful manifestation of the presence of God.  (I know some people deny that such things happen, but if you had been there, you wouldn’t be denying it.)  There was a loving conviction from the Holy Spirit, and we realized we need to step it up.  Most of us know how to grow closer to God.  Of course, we still need sermons and teaching, but we know we should spend more quiet time with God in prayer.

Sometimes we can get caught up in all the religious traditions we have, even the good things.  The important thing is to fellowship with God, which is why we were created.  Just singing worship songs (or hymns) and listening to a sermon isn’t worth much if we aren’t communicating with God through it.  I know that most of us know this, but it’s good to have a reminder every once in a while.  We may still be seeking God, but have forgotten just how intimate yet powerful our encounters with God can be.  There is so much more that He wants to reveal of Himself to us, if only we will seek Him with our whole heart.




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1 05 2008
Michelle~Wife Amiga

Yo dogs! What up? UH, I am wondering what Pb is doing with his pretty gal Beccca? Sorry guys, lost my phone………….. I will get with you soon.

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