freedom vs oppression

25 03 2008

We in America have a lot of freedoms compared to the rest of the world.  Some particular countries really limit what people are allowed to do.  Have you ever considered how you would enjoy life if you were in such a place?

Suppose you lived in a country where there wasn’t freedom of speech.  If you said negative or critical things about the government, you could be imprisoned or killed.  Suppose you were told what your job was going to be, whether you like it or not.  Suppose there was an official state religion, where you had to honor it or be imprisoned or killed.  Suppose there was no real police force to protect you, where criminals and terrorists steal, rape, and murder every day.  Suppose the government kept nearly all the money, forcing the citizens to live on about a dollar a day, barely making ends meet.  Suppose women had no legal rights whatsoever, having to hide their face in public, having no voice, having very little freedom.  Suppose you didn’t get to vote, that the government was a dictatorship, and you had little to no power to change it.  Suppose the government censored the news programs, where all you heard was propaganda or approved messages.

Now consider this — if you lived in such a place, would you want another country to overthrow the government so you could have freedom, or would you rather keep living that way?




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