Can a 15-year-old love Jesus a lot?

26 03 2008

Today a TV news program was showing a YouTube video interview of Miley Cyrus, who is the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus.  You might know her by her stage name : Hannah Montana.  Normally I’d change the channel immediately because I just don’t care, but she was saying how much she loves Jesus, and this was on a secular news program, so I was curious how it would be received.

One of the analysts said something along the lines of, “No 15-year-old loves Jesus that much.  It was either highly calculated or she is really weird.”  I don’t know whether Miley Cyrus is a fanatic for Jesus or not, but I’d like to focus on that statement made by the analyst.  First, he’s wrong, because there are some teenagers who are really on-fire for Jesus.  Second, as a journalist, it’s highly irresponsible to make such an unquantified statement.  There’s no way for him to know whether there are any 15-year-olds who really love Jesus in a radical way.  It’s unfair to dismiss a whole group of teenagers like that, and it’s a put-down of Christianity.  Perhaps that is part of his agenda / bias.

I realize the analyst is entitled to his opinion, but as a journalist it’s irresponsible to generalize that broadly, especially when he’s wrong.  If I was running the show, he wouldn’t be allowed back in situations like that, where he spouts his ignorant fabrications as fact.  But it seems like most of the mainstream media has an anti-Christian bias, so the actual bosses might not have even noticed (or they might have enjoyed it).




One response

28 10 2013
Important Philosopher

I realize your post was written 5 years ago, but it’s ironic and really sad now. How many young people has she mislead with her statements conflicting with her riotous lifestyle?

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