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28 03 2008

I want to make a quick mention of the “Recent Comments” section in the sidebar.  Sometimes I’ll add to an existing story, like if I discover more info on it that might be of interest.

Today I made an addition to my post on net neutrality, showing some figures of how many millions the networking companies are spending on their lobbying of Congress to get their way.  Hopefully bringing it up again will serve as a reminder to someone who meant to sign the petition about it but forgot, or for someone to tell their friends.  It’s an important issue for our online freedoms.

I also recently added some more info about Barack Obama’s pastor, that Obama apparently knew of potential situations a year ago.  I decided to not make a new post on it since I had written on it recently.

Here’s the links to those posts, if they aren’t in the “Recent Comments” list when you read this.

speak up for Net Neutrality

Barack Obama’s pastor




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