storm chasing

3 04 2008

Tonight I was watching live weather reports about a severe thunderstorm southeast from here, and there was a tornado that landed in numerous places.  There were a few professional storm chasers following it, relaying info on what they saw in the sky and on the ground.  That would be a really exciting job!

I think I would really like to be a storm chaser.  But since I don’t have the necessary equipment to be safe while doing so, I watched the lightning from my house, even though it never got closer than 25 miles away.  But there was lightning about every second, and some of it was very impressive.

If my family reads this, there’s no need to worry — I’m not changing careers to be a storm chaser!  That’s not what God has called me to do.  I just find it highly interesting.  I’ll just continue to watch it from the sidelines, out of harm’s way.  🙂




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