why watching sports is great

4 04 2008

It’s an exciting time in sports, with March Madness (the NCAA tournament) going on, and Major League Baseball has started this week.  So I’ve decided to explain why watching sports can be so entertaining (and captivating).

Sports are the best reality TV, because you really don’t know what’s going to happen.  Of course, there are favorites, but there’s no guarantee they will win.  There’s no script to follow (unlike some of the supposed “reality” TV shows).  And there’s a lot of factors which can determine who wins.  It’s not always the case that the best team/player wins.

What takes watching sports to the next level is when you root for a particular team.  It may be the state college team, or it might be a professional team.  Either way, once you are rooting for one team, it adds a LOT of drama to the game.  What happens on the court/field now has an emotional impact on you.  You get excited when they do well, and you get frustrated when they don’t do well.  You now have an emotional investment in the outcome.

Many of us can relate to professional athletes because we once dreamed of becoming one.  For whatever reasons, most of us don’t make it, so we can only dream of what it would be like to be in one of those game-changing situations.  When you play a sport, you tend to enjoy watching it more, because you can relate.  It’s no longer people just throwing or hitting a ball around — it’s a lot more, like dealing with pressure and expectations, overcoming obstacles, coming through in the clutch, stepping up when your team needs you, etc.

There’s more aspects, too, like playing a fantasy version of it, and keeping up with statistics, and explaining what you would do if you were the coach/manager (being the “arm-chair quarterback”, as some say).  There’s a lot of great things about watching and playing sports.  If you want to add more to what I’ve said (and there’s a lot more that could be said), feel free to add it in a comment.




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