simplifying sports we don’t like

7 04 2008

There’s a tendency we have with sports we don’t like to reduce it down to a simplistic model.  Like with tennis, someone might say, “It’s just two people hitting the ball back and forth.”  This can happen with any sport.  If you don’t play it, and especially if you don’t like it, it’s easy to think it’s not that difficult.

Just about any sport can be simplified like this, but it would facetious to do so, because they all get difficult.  You may think it’s easy to throw and catch a football, and it somewhat is when that’s all you’re doing, but playing against a good team makes it very difficult.  Likewise with baseball, basketball, tennis, and even golf.

Yeah, I said golf is difficult.  Watching it on TV, it seems so easy — the ball doesn’t move, and you just hit it toward the hole.  But if you’ve ever been to a driving range or tried to play a round of golf, you’ll realize that it’s not as easy as it looks.  Likewise with tennis — it looks fairly easy, but it’s one of the more demanding sports.  (If you disagree, meet me on the court…)  🙂

Perhaps by simplifying the sports we don’t like, it helps justify our position that it isn’t as good a sport as the one(s) we like most.  In a way, it doesn’t make sense to do that, because why would we need to?  But perhaps we need a reason for not liking it.




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