praying for healing of my migraine today

8 04 2008

This morning I woke up with a headache that was becoming a migraine.  I don’t know what caused it, but I certainly know from experience how a migraine can ruin a day.  (If you aren’t familiar with them, it’s much more than just a headache, and they can get really severe.)

I asked God to heal it, then I took some BC Powder (which does good against regular headaches, but can’t stop a migraine once it gets going), then I laid down for a little while to rest.  But when I got up, my headache was worse.  So I started taking a long, hot shower, trying to relax and clear my mind.  That wasn’t helping, either.  (It might be debatable if I was truly walking in faith at that point.)

I really didn’t need a migraine today, because I’m meeting a client this afternoon, plus I really do not like all the pulsating, throbbing pain and various side-effects that come from a migraine.  So I got much more earnest in my praying for healing.  I finally pushed beyond the distractions and thoughts to get into God’s presence, and it was so wonderful.  (Hopefully you know what I’m talking about.)  Once I got there, all my concerns and problems took a backseat to how awesome God is.  I felt overwhelmed by His holiness and my inadequacies, so I repented of my complacency, because I should be doing better than I have been.

While I was in God’s manifested presence, I wasn’t even thinking of my needs, despite how big of a problem I had just a few minutes ago.  All I could think about was how loving and holy God is, how He is worthy of all my praise despite how I feel or what I’m going through.  I was overwhelmed by all that He is.  (I wish I could cue the song “Overwhelmed” by Hillsongs to play in the background now — it’s awesome.)

After a time in close fellowship with God, I realized my migraine was gone.  God had healed me, because my migraines don’t just go away naturally until they’ve run their course.  I remembered something my Pastor teaches, that God brings all His attributes with His presence.  That is, when you enter His presence, His healing is there, His provision is there, His grace and mercy are there, His miraculous power is there, etc.

By that point I was excited, even to the point of dancing (which I did some, but don’t try to imagine that — I’m sure it didn’t look “cool”, but I know God was pleased because it was sincere and done in worship).  I’m still excited about it, even hours later.  God is so good!

One point I’d like to make from this testimony is that there is a difference in just saying a prayer and going before God’s throne.  That’s not to say anything against a quick prayer for something, but sometimes we need to press in to God’s presence to receive our answer.

Perhaps the purpose of me getting the migraine was to seek Him more.  If so, it was worth it.  Either way, He took a bad situation and worked it out for my good, like Romans 8:28 says.  Glory be to God!




2 responses

20 05 2008

Wow man, that’s really cool. I’d love to talk to you personally.

Do read this article that I wrote: Our Journey into the Throne Room.

Do you have a Gmail ID? If you do, I’d love to chat with ya! =)

Here’s mine: [edit: removed by request]

20 05 2008

That’s a good article you wrote. My pastor taught on the tabernacle in a very detailed series a while back, and it really opened my eyes to understanding how the tabernacle points to Jesus in so many ways.

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