the importance of prayer

10 04 2008

The topic of prayer has been coming up several times lately, and God has been convicting me about it, that I should be doing better than I do.  Here’s a quote I came across recently that does a great job of summarizing how important prayer is:

Prayer lies at the heart of all experience of God.  In prayer God is known and met and touched.  In prayer all our knowledge about God kindles into life.  Our understanding of the Scripture gains personal illumination and power.  Our whole conduct and career passes consciously under the divine judgment.  In prayer the soul is molded and attuned to fresh obedience and confronted with new duty.  Our relationship to others is seen in a new perspective, and conscience grows tender again.  In prayer vision is clarified, the horizons are broadened, the goal becomes better defined and the inner resources by which the soul lives are replenished from eternal springs of power, hopefulness and peace.  Prayerless Christianity is mere theory. ~ Reginald E.O. White

In terms of living out Christianity in this life, prayer should be the foundation of all we do.  That’s not to say the act of prayer is most important, but the experience of communicating with God and being in a right relationship with Him.  If we’re just praying out of “religion” or tradition, then it’s not doing us any good.  But if we’re meeting with God on a regular basis, that will impact everything we do.




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