We Will Stand tour

28 04 2008

This past weekend I attended one of the “We Will Stand” concerts, featuring The Daniel Doss Band, Cadia, Avalon, and Michael English.  It was really good.  All the groups used the same band, and it was quite refreshing to hear live music.  Modern CD recordings tend to be so overly compressed and quantized and mastered that there isn’t as much “life” in the music.  Plus, it’s great when the artists take some liberty with the arrangements to improvise more than what is on their CD releases.

All the singers did a good job, and they all seemed like normal people, like friends I have.  It makes the music more personal when the artists share some of themselves, such as the story behind a song or their testimony, or if they just have fun with it.  We got to see their passion and personality, which adds a lot to the songs.  Some of them also prayed for everyone, and sometimes they challenged us in our Christian walk.  It was definitely a night of ministry, as opposed to just a concert.

The Daniel Doss Band had the lyrics displayed on the screen, which was a nice touch, because I wasn’t familiar with their songs.  I wish more artists would do that.

Avalon sounded awesome!  They have so much singing talent.  And it was obvious that they enjoyed being there and ministering.  I had heard some of their songs on the radio before, but they sounded a lot better live (as talented artists tend to).

Michael English shared his testimony, which lasted longer than the songs he sang, but that was okay because his testimony was powerful.  I knew he had went through tough times, but I had no idea it was as bad as it was.  He went from being on top of the contemporary Christian music scene (CCM), winning a couple of Dove awards and a Grammy, to the very bottom of life.  He lost his ministry, lost his voice, became addicted to drugs, went bankrupt, and even tried to commit suicide.  At one point he was locked up for his own safety.  But God never gave up on him, and when he reached the absolute bottom, he repented and has worked out of his problems.  Now he has some ministry again, and even though it’s nowhere as big as what he had before, he said he really knows God now and is so much happier than ever before.

Overall, the concert was really inspiring.  Some of the testimonies reaffirmed what God has been doing in my life the past few days, and I’m going to start praying more for God to expand my ministries.  I believe I should be doing more with my musical talents than I have been, so I’m going to pray for opportunity and direction in that area.




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29 04 2008

Michael English has a song on his new album that he did at the concert, called “Feels Like Redemption”, and it talks about how he’s felt hopeless and forgotten, then he says:

“But I’ve never known anything, felt anything, like the love of Jesus.”

That’s so true! Some of the most intimate encounters I’ve ever had with Jesus were when my life was falling apart and I felt like there was little hope. God desires our brokenness, and He wants us to give everything to Him, even our broken and messy parts. When we go to Him in full surrender, He meets us there and fills us with His love and joy and peace, and there is nothing like it.

29 04 2008
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