changing because of high gas prices

5 05 2008

There was a survey a few years ago that asked people how high gasoline would have to be for them to make serious changes in their driving habits.  The winning response was $2 a gallon.  Obviously that era of gas prices has come and gone and will likely never return.

Does it look like most people have changed their driving habits much?  I don’t see any noticeable change.  People are still buying gas-guzzling SUVs and CUVs and trucks.  What will it take to make people change their driving habits?  Sure, people complain about the high gas prices, and it hurts our monthly budget, but are we willing to do anything about it?

The problem is, there isn’t a lot we can do.  We could get hybrid vehicles, but they aren’t that much better on gas mileage to justify the higher cost they typically have.  And our society is now built around driving.  We could ride our bicycles, but few people do.  We also could walk more, but many people won’t even walk down the street to visit someone.

The fact is that America has such a dependency on oil now, and it could end up really hurting us in the future.  Not only is it extremely expensive now and we are supporting some of our enemies by buying it from them, but it would really cripple our nation if there was a serious oil shortage.  There’s not a lot that most of us can do about it, other than conserve some fuel (which will make a difference if a lot of people do it), but our government really needs to look at alternative fuels (like hydrogen).  You’d think some of the people who think ahead to prepare us for catastrophes would consider the notion of the Middle East suddenly refusing to sell us oil — what would that do to the United States?




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6 05 2008

Some people have already made the decision to move away from suv’s. Here are a couple of good articles to check out.

10 05 2008

Very relevant, and something that has been disturbing me for awhile now. Just the other day, I was talking to a friend and mentioning how no one is doing anything about this problem. Everyone hates it, but no one is rioting, or doing anything to impact the situation. As a nation, you would think we could do something here. But the nation is falling apart, and will continue to fall apart until it gets its priorities straightened out.

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