Sweet Tea Livin’

14 05 2008

Tonight we had a guest speaker at church, and his sermon was entitled “Sweet Tea Livin'”.  Just from that title, I knew it would have to be good.  🙂  He started out saying how all Southern restaurants should have sweet tea on the menu.  I so agree!  I’ve been saying that for years.  He also said adding sugar to a glass of unsweet iced tea and trying to stir it in is like shaking a snow globe: eventually all the white stuff settles at the bottom.  So true.  I don’t know why more restaurants don’t offer sweet tea as an option.  It still has a huge profit margin.

Then he said how sweet tea and unsweet tea look the same because you can’t see the sugar, but they are very different.  Adding sugar to tea changes the nature of it.  He went on to discuss numerous things, mostly about how Christianity is not about imitation but it’s about impartation.  Being saved doesn’t mean we should try to act different — it means we should become different (which changes our actions).  It was a really good sermon.

Anyway, I just wanted to comment on the neat sermon title.  It helped make it memorable.  (Obviously, in that I’m talking about it hours later.)




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