Are abstinence programs ineffective?

16 05 2008

I read this on a liberal site the other day, and it’s crazy :

“We are deeply disappointed that the Democratic leadership would support an increase in funding for abstinence-only-until-marriage programs, which studies have shown are ineffective at best.”

Uhh, maybe they don’t understand their research, because abstinence is the most effective program.  Granted, some youth may not follow it even if they’re taught it, but you don’t discard soap just because some people don’t use it.  How can abstinence-only-until-marriage be ineffective at preventing unwanted pregnancies and spreading sexually transmitted diseases?

What the issue probably is, is that the program doesn’t line up with their beliefs and (lack of) morals.  But why don’t they just say what they believe?  Why do they have to cover up their own beliefs and twist the facts on abstinence programs?  I’ll answer that — they want to deceive people.  Their approach isn’t about honest, factual debate, but about promoting their agenda.

We have to be on our guard about what we hear, because people and groups like to put their “spin” / bias in their statements, and they’ll word it in a way that makes it sound better.  For instance, saying abstinence is ineffective.  Whatever…




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