a tale of two brains

18 05 2008

I saw this video by Mark Gungor over at Chris Davis’ website and wanted to link to it here for my readers.  (I know, some of you read both, so you’ve already seen it.)  This is a comedy video where a guy describes the differences between the male brain and the female brain.  (Yeah, men and women think differently — if you’re married, you probably know that already.)  It’s called “Tale of Two Brains“.

Remember that this is comedy, so don’t get all offended.  Although, sometimes truth is spoken in jest.  And, as some say, it’s funny because there’s some truth to it…  But also realize that he makes some generalizations in the name of humor, so don’t apply this to everyone.

Anyway, watch it, have a few laughs, and try to convince me there’s not some truth there…  🙂

If you want to watch the extended version, click here.  It’s about twice as long, and it explains why women can’t go in the “nothing” box with men, and it also explains how men and women handle stress differently.

If you enjoyed these, this guy has a couple more videos on YouTube that you might enjoy : Ask More Than Once, and Rainbow.

If you have any thoughts on these, I’d like to hear them.  🙂




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