Can you explain who God is?

21 05 2008

I saw a video recently where people on the street were asked, “Who is God?”  There were some unusual answers.

If someone asked you, “Who is God?”, what would you tell them?




One response

21 05 2008

He is YHWH, that is I AM WHO I AM.

In Hebrew the word “name” is used for “who the person is”. That is why when Moses asked God who He was, God answered and said “I Am Who I Am” [YHWH]. The root of this word comes from “HWY” which means “to be, or come into being”. That is, when we need well-being or peace, He becomes Yahweh Shalom for us; when we need healing, He becomes Yahweh Rapha and, so forth.

In short He is our all in all.

Yeshua came saying, “I AM the light, the bread of life, the living water, the resurrection and life, alpha and omega….”

Awesome God!


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