the best weight-loss plan ever

24 05 2008

I have just come across the best weight-loss plan ever.  It’s not like most of the other ones you hear about.  There are all kinds of books and videos about how to lose weight, and some programs even provide you with the food you should eat.  There are plans that tell you to not eat carbs, or to not eat certain other foods.  There are drugs for sale to make you lose weight regardless of your lifestyle.  (And if those drugs do work some, they can’t be healthy for you.  I’ve seen one commercial that says a certain percentage of each pound you lose is fat; but what is the rest of it?)

Most of those plans cost money to participate in, and while they may work for a while, they don’t keep working after you get off of them.  I’ve heard that most people gain the weight back after these special “crash” diets.

I’ve found a weight loss plan that works and it actually saves you money.  Yeah, you read that right.  It costs less to follow this program than it does to eat like you are now.  I know, this may sound too good to be true, but hear me out.

By now, you’re probably wondering what the catch is.  But there’s not one.  It really is the best plan, in that you will lose weight, you will save money, and you’ll develop a healthier lifestyle.  Do you want to know what it is?



What do you think about that?  🙂  There are no enrollment fees, no monthly fees to pay, no special foods to buy, no personal trainer to pay.  And it’s scientifically proven to work!  If you consume less calories than normal and burn more calories than normal, you will lose weight.  And you can make this a normal part of your lifestyle, so the results are permanent.  And by eating less, you are saving money.  So it’s a win-win situation.

Now isn’t that simple?  All it takes is some self-discipline…




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25 05 2008

Yeah lol,

But I need to gain weight here! 😉 Self-discipline….hmm 😉


25 05 2008

Sid, if you need to gain weight, you can have some of mine! I have plenty to spare! 🙂

25 05 2008

Gaining weight is easy! You don’t even have to exercise, and it requires less self-discipline (if you like to eat a lot). 🙂

But if some people need to learn how to gain weight, I could write on that, because I know a thing or two about it (unfortunately). But I’m losing a few pounds now, using the diet program mentioned above.

25 05 2008
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25 05 2008

My story about losing weight is that I became skinny after my chemo therapy and ever since I’ve been thin…I’ll talk to you about it later. =)

12 06 2009
Jeff "Buddy" Greerson Jr.

Hey, me here. I was wonderring if one of ya’ll could help me with a fitniss plan I’m a big ole country boy wtih a little belly own me and was needing some a workout friends or two.
I run a few head of cattle for my daddy out in Greenbrier but live on the edge of Conway.
i seen ya’ll when your church was at the park that time and a few of ya’ll look lack you like you a buffet like I do! hahahahahahahahaahah.

I thank I used to know Chad Lameburt back in school at UCA where I went for a semester. He was a red headed guy who loved Los Amegos – hahahahahaha (that place gives me gas and sometimes the runs… just sayin’)

f’real tho – I do need prayer and incurouragement. my chulosterol is high and plus I got my eye on a little fillie and won’t to make good impreshun own her – which means less belly…

Jeff my friends call me Buddy Jr.

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