weight loss fundraiser for missions

25 05 2008

Yesterday I wrote about the best diet plan ever, and it’s what I’m doing.  But there’s a twist to my current program, for a while anyway.  At my church, there’s a program called “lose it for missions”, where you get people to sponsor you for how much weight you can lose in 100 days.  The sponsors agree to pay so much money per pound you lose, and all the money goes to missions.  It’s a neat idea, I think.  It helps with the motivation to actually cut back on eating and to exercise more, knowing that my efforts will benefit missionaries who need support.

We’re just a few weeks into it, and I’ve lost several pounds already.  I would like to have a few more sponsors, if any of you want to donate more to missions and help a brother out.  🙂




One response

25 05 2008

That’s very cool idea, Chad. Heb 12 is a chapter about Discipline, and the focus is to throw everything that will hinder us from running the race set before us….to look to Jesus the Author and Perfector of our faith. It’s interesting that it says Jesus endured the cross and its shame for the JOY set before Him….that JOY I believe was US. And Paul intstructs us to keep Jesus as our joy instead.

Indians need to gain pounds…..=) So where do we get yours? 😉


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