the Bible on meal selection

29 05 2008

The Bible has answers for all of life’s problems, if you dig deep enough.  Just to illustrate how extensive its in-depth coverage is, let me present an example you might not have noticed before.  Did you know the Bible tells us that meat is better than vegetables?  Yeah, it’s true.  Check this out, from Proverbs 15:17:

Better a meal of vegetables where there is love
than a fattened calf with hatred.

That is, you’d rather have a fattened calf (meat) for your meal, but if it comes with hatred, it would be better to eat a less desirable meat-less salad if there was love with it.  (Yeah, you have to parse it, and it’s just an implication, but it’s good enough for me.)

Now, I realize this isn’t an issue to most people.  But just in case it was, now you know, and knowing is half the battle.  🙂

(Please note that I’m taking a somewhat humorous approach to this, if it wasn’t obvious.)




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1 06 2008
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[…] National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month — Who comes up with this?  I’m boycotting this holiday.   Besides, meat is a better meal than vegetables — even the Bible tells us that. […]

2 06 2008

😉 Most Indians are vegetarians, not me! I need meat every meal haha.


3 06 2008

Sid, so when you go out to eat, is it difficult to get meat? Or do people eat out much in India?

9 06 2008

There are non-vegetarian restaurants every where. In fact they are more in number than vegetarian restaraunts.


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