your life as a story

3 06 2008

Imagine that your life story (both the completed and yet-to-be-lived parts) is going to be put into a novel and a movie.  The script will follow the decisions you make and the impact you have on the world around you.  So your decisions determine what the outcome will be.  Now let me ask this: who will be the main character in the story?  Who is the star of the show?

Most of us insist on writing our own story and trying to be the main character of the plot.  But that’s not the way life should be lived.  When we focus on ourselves the most, we tend to be selfish and not doing what’s best for society.  It’s obvious how a selfish politician is bad for the government — they can be swayed and/or bribed by lobbyists and special interest groups, and they choose what they want instead of what the people they represent want.  But even if you’re not representing people, you still influence a lot of people, both directly and indirectly.  (And I suspect many people are like the politicians, just not as scrutinized and publicly known.  If you’re selfish in the small things, you’d be selfish in the big things.)

Selfishness is not only bad for society, but for our spiritual walk as well.  We were created to put God at the center of our lives, not ourselves.  You cannot truly serve God while putting yourself first.  And when we put God first, we contribute much more to those around us, because we care about others.  Also, if we put ourselves first, Jesus isn’t Lord in our lives.  Think about what it means to call Jesus “Lord”.

In the Bible, John said, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”  To have more of God, we must have less of ourselves.  As John Maxwell says, “We must give up to go up.”

Who do you want your life story to be about — you or God?  When people look at your life, will they think, “He was a good man” or “He was a man used by God”?

Remember, God has an awesome plan for your life, something bigger and better than you can even imagine.  But because we have free will, it’s our choice whether we walk in His perfect will or if we do our own thing.  It’s all up to you…




One response

3 06 2008

Amen, Chad, that is a vital message the church needs to here. There so much talk on how we can prosper and so forth that the focus on the Kingdom has totally been forgotten.

To come down in our “important list” is something that is very painful, but highly rewarding. We get what we exalt.

Thank you for this post, it’s exactly what Abba is dealing with in my life. I’m coming out dead 😉


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